Fvneral Fvkk - Carnal Confessions (CD)

epic traditional doom metal, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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After the successful EP “Lecherous Liturgies”, which received positive critical responses that mentioned among other things the wit of the lyrics and the stylistic similarities to Solitude Aeturnus, Fvneral Fvkk has reached a new milestone by creating a perfect masterpiece of epic doom metal. “Carnal Confessions” can really be recognized as a standard of the genre: melodic, epic, powerful, and majestic doom metal with deep male vocals. A beautifully designed booklet complements the picture of impeccability. This is a piece of true black brilliance.

1 Omnia Ad Dei Gloriam
2 Chapel Of Abuse
3 A Shadow In The Dormitory
4 Alone With The Cross
5 The Hallowed Leech
6 Poor Sisters Of Nazareth
7 To Those In The Grave
8 When God Is Not Watching

Fvneral Fvkk
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Carnal Confessions
epic traditional doom metal
CD Album
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 147-19
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Although the band cite interests such as perverted debauchery, extortion and abuse in the name of God and this contributes to the bulk of their lyrical content, the end result of the music is not quite what you’d expect, especially when you take into account the tongue in cheek name of the band! What we’re actually presented with is an epic sounding slab of melodic doom which is, if truth be told quite a solemn affair. Somewhere between Candlemass, Ghost and My Dying Bride, we find the forlorn sound of ‘Carnal Confessions’ This is the first full-length release from FVNERAL FVKK and it’s a FVKK-ing good one!

In their words -“FVNERAL FVKK combines the pastoral beauty and solemnity of a cathedral with the infidelity and vileness of a cemetery prostitute”

Eloquently put and yes this album does somewhat juxtapose beauty with the horrific traits of the human race.

Each track seems to take a single main riff and run with it while the vocals flow morosely over the top, sometimes as if completely detached from the guitar, it’s a simple but effective formula that they repeat. Cantor Cinaedicus has a great voice, which gets his bleak point of view across without being too over the top as he gently assaults us with some rather harrowing lyrics. ‘Chapel of Abuse’ is probably the standout track here and the heaviest, it has a riff so meaty they could sell it by the pound at the local butcher's. Bass and drums are performed well throughout but for the most part blend into the background for the purpose of the musical tapestry that’s created here.

Production is top-notch with a clean but not polished sound enabling plenty of that grime to seep through. This is a slow and stylish, sprawling piece of doom that anyone with a taste for the darker side of music should enjoy.

If you’re offended by the content, lighten up, unless you’re one of the foul perverts that these songs are all about then you don’t need to concern yourself. It’s just entertainment folks.
Power Metal.de

Als wären in den letzten Wochen nicht bereits genug starke Doom-Scheiben erschienen, kommt jetzt auch FVNERAL FVKK mit dem ersten Langeisen um die Ecke. Das Demo "Lecherous Liturgies" hatte die Klasse der Band schon angedeutet, so dass es eingefleischte Doom-Jünger freuen wird, selbige auf "Carnal Confessions" bestätigt zu sehen. Insbesondere die fesselnde Atmosphäre der beiden Songs 'Erection In The House Of God' und 'Underneath The Phelonion' wird konsequent mitgenommen und dient als Grundlage für die acht Titel des neuen Albums.

Die Songs, die man bitte nicht aufgrund der Titel in POWERWOLF-Sphären deutet, handeln erneut von klerikalen Verbrechen und weiteren verabscheuungswürdigen Dingen, die zu Unrecht im Namen Gottes geschehen. Das einzige, was hier also anbetungswürdig erscheint, ist die Musik. Nehmen wir als Paradebeispiel mal 'The Hallowed Leech': Die Nummer entfesselt schon in den wenigen Sekunden des Intros eine ungeheure Anziehungskraft. Diese Gesangsmelodien ... das eröffnende Riff. Wer diese Nummer nicht mag, hat den Doom nie geliebt. Ich könnte baden in diesen fünf Minuten voller Elegie, voller Anmut und eben so tonnenschwerer Klanggewalt, die mich fortlaufend die Repeat-Taste drücken lässt.

Wer auf ein Alleinstellungsmerkmal besteht, wird auf diesem Album ebenfalls fündig. Die 'Poor Sisters Of Nazareth' verdrücken so manche Träne im mehrstimmigen Gesangsteil. Um ehrlich zu sein, ist dies aber die einzige Stelle, welche entsprechend ausgeschmückt wird. Es soll aber kein Nachteil sein, dass so starke Nummern wie 'Chapel Of Abuse' oder 'Alone With The Cross' mit bewährten Zutaten besser auskommen als viele andere Bands. FVNERAL FVKK huldigt dem Epic Doom zwar mit Haut und Haaren, klingt oftmals aber so weltschmerzzerbrechend wie eine Funeral-Doom-Kapelle.

Author: Nils Macher
Rock Vibrations

"Carnal Confessions" será o mais novo lançamento da banda Alemã, e promete ser um dos melhores lançamentos de sua vertente, o excelente Doom Metal que muitos apreciam pelo mundo, além de algumas referências ao lado melódico extremo.

O aguardado álbum contará com membros de Ophis, Crimson Swan e Fäulnis e seguirá um rumo parecido com o E.P. “Lecherous Liturgies”, que recebeu muitas respostas positivas.

Author: Vinny Almeida
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