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Kult - Winds Of War (CD)

black metal, Debemur Morti Productions, Debemur Morti Productions
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On their debut full-length, aptly-named Italian horde KULT vomit forth ten slabs of pure Northern darkness, served chilled and executed with ruthless, nihilistic efficiency. 'Winds of War’ is a focused, intelligent attack on humanity, a monumental and apocalyptic release destined to send shockwaves through the underground. KULT play true, old school black metal inspired by the masters of the genre yet never sounding remotely derivative. Their scathing dark art is imbued with an addictive sense of soaring melody that adds an extra dimension to an already outstanding debut onslaught. The ten anthems (including three instrumentals) are packed with grim menace. The music is raw and acerbic, sneering in the face of pitiful mankind. With no keyboards and no sugary fucking female vocals, 'Winds of War’ is the sound of REAL black metal – a blistering blitzkrieg of hateful misanthropy aimed right at the heart of existence. KULT’s twisted yet alluring odes to isolation, loss, pain, darkness, war and anti-Xtianity are wrapped scornfully in a freezing atmosphere to spirit a negative message to the trembling masses. Frozen riffs bring torture; frosty vocals wreak vengeance; the drums resemble icy shards of hate piercing the womb of the world. The reign of darkness has begun. Embrace the sufferance. PURE FUCKING BLACK METAL KULT!!!

1 Alpha
2 Winds Of War
3 Il Crepuscolo
4 Torture
5 Seven Blades ( Of The Reaper)
6 Enstrangement
7 And Forever Winter
8 Final Embrace
9 Darkness Return
10 Omega

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Winds Of War
black metal
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Debemur Morti Productions
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