Letenica (Летеница) - Берегиня (Bereginya) (CD)

folk, FireStorm Production / Der Schwarze Tod, FireStorm Production
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FSP-031-17 / tod46 n
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The debut album inspired by images from Slavonic folklore and the nature of our native land. Created by: Olga Lantseva – music, vocals, backing vocals Dmitry Dubinin – lyrics Anton Chudetsky – music, guitars, gusli (1,10), domra (4,7,9,12-15), vocals (12), backing vocals (5), ocarina (13) Alexander Anokhin – bass, guitars (4,7), percussions (13) Dmitry Solovyov – drums, percussions, glockenspiel (4,9) Svetlana Sharkova – flute Also featured: Anna Timofeeva – violin Igor "Hurry" ("Сварга") – accordion (2) Alexander Sudakov – bayan (2,14) Eugeny Novikov – bayan (4,12,14) Andrey Pivovarov ("Лесной Танец") – jaw harps, percussions (2,6,9,11,12), block flutes (2,6), zhaleika (6), kaval (6) Olga Petrova – domra (2,3,5,11) Artyom Podosyonov ("Vorongrai", "Ярос") – bass (16) Pavel Emelyanov ("Дрыгва", "Nevma") – drums (16) Anna "Alruna" Oklejewicz ("Lord Wind", "Graveland") – violin, viola, cello (16) Dmitry Balalin - backing vocals (16) Recording of vocals, guitars, bass, flute, violin, folk instruments and percussions: studio "Skyly", Kostroma, Russia, July 2015 - February 2017, sound engineering by Alexander Anokhin; Recording of drums: studio "Sergeich's Recording Studio", Kostroma, Russia, July 2015, sound engineering by Alexey Sergeev; Recording of jaw harps, additional percussions & wind instruments: studio "Lesnoy Tanets", Krasnoyarsk, Russia, August 2015 - February 2016, sound engineering by Andrey Pivovarov; Recording of accordion: Moscow, Russia, August 2013, sound engineering by Egor Palenik; Recording of vocals (6): Kaliningrad Regional Musical Theater, Kaliningrad, Russia, September 2015, sound engineering by Dmitry Marchak Recording of drums (16): studio "Арзамас-16", Mogilev, Belarus, 2013, sound engineering by Denis Manenok Recording of bass (16): studio "SVK.Sound", Perm, Russia, 2013, sound engineering by Sergey Kuimov Recording of strings (16): Sanok, Poland, 2013 Editing, mixing and mastering by Alexander Anokhin Artwork by Alexander Anokhin Logo by Marina Komarova

1 Твой Голос = Your Voice 1:30
2 Утро Зорями Восходило = The Morning Was Rising With Dawns 4:52
3 Нить Его Судьбы = The Thread Of His Destiny 5:57
4 Младый Месяц = New Moon 5:21
5 Четырём Ветрам = The Four Winds 4:05
6 Берегиня = Bereginya 1:57
7 Ой, Далече Белокрылый = Oh, The White-Winged Is Far Away 3:40
8 Поле-полюшко = The Field 1:05
9 Родная Земля = The Native Land 4:41
10 Сон = The Dream 1:35
11 Пробуждение = The Awakening 4:25
12 Отразился Рассвет Златогривый… = The Golden-maned Sunrise Is Reflected… 5:04
13 Купала = Kupala 1:28
14 Выйду Рано В Степь Широку = I‘ll Come Early To The Wide Steppe 4:27
15 Дотронуться Рукой = Touch With Hand 1:57
Bonus Track
16 Четырём Ветрам (Сингл Версия) 4:11

Letenica (Летеница)
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Берегиня (Bereginya)
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FireStorm Production / Der Schwarze Tod
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FSP-031-17 / tod46
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