Mantas - Death By Metal (2xCD) Digipak

death metal, Relapse Records, Relapse Records
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Compilation of band-released demos that were circulated in tape-trading circles in the mid-1980s along with rehearsal tapes. Two-Disc Deluxe Edition limited to 1000 machine-numbered copies. Recorded on Rick's Panasonic Jam Box in Florida/USA and duplicated/disseminated around the world by Chuck. Garage rehearsals courtesy of Jane Schuldiner. Original audio sources provided by Laurent Ramadier, Borivoj Krgin, Filippo Tattini & Henri Mürkel. Additional archival photos and flyers provided by Laurent Ramadier, Borivoj Krgin & Henri Mürkel. "Black Magic" originally recorded by Slayer "Poison" originally recorded by Venom

Death By Metal Demo (Version 1)
1-1 Legion Of Doom 3:42
1-2 Evil Dead 3:22
1-3 Mantas 2:42
1-4 Death By Metal 2:36
1-5 Power Of Darkness 3:20
Death By Metal Demo (Version 2)
1-6 Legion Of Doom 3:41
1-7 Power Of Darkness 2:40
1-8 Death By Metal 2:40
1-9 Evil Dead 3:26
Rehearsal, Early 1984
1-10 Legion Of Doom 3:53
1-11 Mantas 3:20
1-12 Death By Metal 2:39
1-13 Evil Dead 4:10
1-14 Rise Of Satan 3:57
Emotional Rehearsal Demo, 1984
2-1 Legion Of Doom (Take 1) 3:23
2-2 Legion Of Doom (Take 2) 3:25
2-3 Legion Of Doom (Take 3) 3:25
2-4 Evil Dead (Take 1) 3:20
2-5 Evil Dead (Take 2) 3:20
2-6 Mantas (Take 1) 0:38
2-7 Mantas (Take 2) 2:22
Live at Knights Of Columbus Hall Orlando, FL, Sept. 1, 1984
2-8 Legion Of Doom 3:56
2-9 Zombie 4:09
2-10 Demon Flight 2:25
2-11 Death By Metal 2:46
2-12 Evil Dead 3:33
2-13 Power Of Darkness 2:45
2-14 Black Magic 3:11
2-15 Evil Chuck Solo 1:17
2-16 Beyond The Unholy Grave 3:10
2-17 Poison 3:43

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United States
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Death By Metal
death metal
Relapse Records
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