Melankolia - Vividarium Intervigilium Viator (CD) Digipak

ambient neoclassic, Hypnotic Dirge Records, Hypnotic Dirge Records
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Ambient / Neo-classical artist Melankolia presents their fourth full-length album ‘Vividarium Intervigilium Viator'. Founded by musician Mike O’Brien, (Appalachian Winter, Veiled Monk, Ritual in Ash) Melankolia has been releasing introspective and thoughtful music since the project’s beginnings nearly 10 years ago. Mike O'Brien states: "This album bridged nearly 5 years of hardship and resurrection in my life. Thematically, this album is a journey of OUROBOROS in my personal life; self-cannibalizing at one end, enigma of absolute perpetuality at the other. It wasn't the project that changed, but me. The music was always there, but I had to learn to extricate it from the ruins of a life that was no more. In this way, the album is a study of personal catharsis" The nights are long, the air is cold, and winter's firm grasp is upon us. This is the season of contemplation and reflection. Vividarium Intervigilium Viator is the perfect soundtrack for solitary introspection and a recalibration of your mind, allowing you to feel mourning, loss, resentment, as well as hope for optimism. The physical album is presented in a 4 panel digipack with an accompanying booklet of photography from the composer Mike O’Brien and Silvana Massa. VIV - recorded annis 2013 - 2017 Columbus, Ohio. Comes as 4 Panel Digipack with 8 Page Booklet.

1 Ambrosia (Hall Of Dreams) 6:30
2 Nyctophilia 6:30
3 The Crowning Of Autumn 6:18
4 Between Heaven And Hell 9:04
5 In The Garden Sleeps A Messenger 8:24
6 Wellspring Labyrinth (Left Hand 'Til Morning) 6:06
7 Requiem 11:36
8 Melankolia 2:48
9 The Murmur (Succour Midst Sorrow) 5:00
10 Annie, Light In A Dying World 4:48

Страна артиста:
United States
Год альбома:
Vividarium Intervigilium Viator
ambient neoclassic
Compact Disk
Hypnotic Dirge Records
Кат. номер:
HDR - 060
Год издания: