Morbid Messiah - Demoniac Paroxysm (CD)

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The highly anticipated debut album by this upcoming Mexican band. Morbid Messiah was formed in 2015 after Anubis Sandoval (drums) moved from Cancun to Guadalajara, and teamed up with Roberto Trejo (guitar) and Jose Rivas (vocals). All three young musicians shared a burning passion for the authentic sound of underground death metal that blossomed during the late 80's and early 90's, and felt compelled to give shape to a brand-new, iniquitous entity that would follow in the gods of yore's footsteps. Morbid Messiah played their first live show a few months later and then proceeded to record their debut EP, suitably titled "In the Name of True Death Metal", which was self-released in October 2016 on CD format. Guillermo Lopez (bass) had already joined their ranks by then, solidifying the lineup for depraved endeavors yet to come. Fast forward to April 2017 and the Polish label Godz ov War Productions gave the EP the tape treatment, and all 100 copies sold out shortly after. To depict Morbid Messiah's approach to the Metal of Death is no laborious chore, for it is nothing more -but certainly nothing less- than a dank, impenetrable, lightless, decimating and unadorned concoction of the finest, heaviest and vilest elements of bands such as Sadistic Intent, Possessed, Incantation, Grotesque, Mortem, Death and Imprecation, as well as those prevalent in the early works of their countrymates Cenotaph and Shub Niggurath. Thus girded with such proud and powerful influences, "Demoniac Paroxysm" thus invokes its very title, whipping the listener into a fury of rotten, sewer-dwelling possession. Rubbed raw and blasted about like a boombox from the bowels of Hell, this is DEATH METAL in all caps, and forever be it so: Morbid Messiah are not recommended for trendy ears nor those with weak stomachs. But if the flame burns true within you, by all means, take this torch now! Naturally, for a record so foul and filthy, it's only fitting that "Demoniac Paroxysm" is gracelessly graced with classic cover artwork courtesy of the esteemed Mark Riddick. Bow down and pray to Morbid Messiah!

1 Rise Of The Rottenness
2 Charred Devastation
3 Graveyard Headhunter
4 Devoured By Darkness
5 Breath Of The Ominous
6 Crawling In Guts
7 Fetid Bloodbath
8 Howling From The Grave
9 Morbid Messiah/Morbid Invocation

Morbid Messiah
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Demoniac Paroxysm
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