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Mysteria Mortis - Воды Тунд (Waters Of Tund) (CD)

pagan / folk metal, More Hate Productions, More Hate Productions
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The debute of the Far East folk metal band “Mysteria Mortis” is the atmospheric and melodic metal with the elements of black metal, the strong supply of the symphonic instruments, ethnics and unique female vocals. Every song of the album is a ballad, a story based on the myths and legends of the Children of the North, ancient warriors and wise primogenitors. Ancient tunes, male choir are closely bound with the extreme vocals of guitar player and frontman of the band Finn. This dilutes the atmosphere of music and transmits the bitterness of wars and battles, the memory of the Past. The album is based on folk themes of Slavs and Vikings. “Mysteria Mortis” advocates for the revival of the forgotten Tradition and Knowledge by its creation. Rites with the tambourine, singing of the vargan (kind of jew’s-harp), reading of the ancient mantras mixed with the aggressive guitar riffs – all this creates the unique atmosphere of the album “Waters of Tund”. Lyrics are written in the full-color booklet, design of which represents the conception of creation of the band.

1 Intro 1:32
2 Дети Ледяного Ветра 3:42
3 Ночь Серебрянной Луны 3:53
4 Храни Воина 3:09
5 Воды Тунд 4:40
6 Дракон 5:19
7 Ангмар 3:49
8 Под Первым Снегом 4:14
9 Om Mann Og Havet 5:04
10 Монсегюр (Bonus Track) 7:54

Mysteria Mortis
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Воды Тунд (Waters Of Tund)
pagan / folk metal
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More Hate Productions
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MHP 13-112
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