Negative Reaction / When The Deadbolt Breaks - SplitCD (CD)

sludge doom, Spare Change / PsycheDOOMelic
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A violent hybrid of doom metal, trance inducing dynamics and concussive volume When The Deadblot Breaks unleash a vicious barrage of volatile guitar and pounding percussion that leave an ugly contusion on the face of extreme music. Depression and anger have never sounded so heavy. Rounded out by a triple vocal attack, this is the audio equivalent of a suicide bombing of your ears. Recorded at the now infamous Room SevenZeroEight Studios with vocalist/guitarist Aaron once again handling production duties on this irreverent collection of soon to be classics. Standing alongside When The Deadbolt Breaks are the Gods Of Sludge, NEGATIVE REACTION. Coming up on over a decade of speaker abuse, these doom legends provide a sound that is uncompromising, raw and primal. They have taken their penchant for up tempo grooves alongside doom laden dirgy cavities to new extremes. With four songs from both of these devastating bands...Plus the sickest Sabbath cover ever, featuring members from both bands giving "Hand Of Doom" an audio rapeing that would make Iommi blush. This is not a passing of the torch, but more a lighting of a second torch for the heaviest sludgfied doom metal ever.

1 Somewhere Between Murder And A Wet Dream (v.2.07)
2 GlassEye
3 Spawn Of Black Moon
4 Fist Full Of Flowers And An Empty Handgun (v.2.07)
5 Hand Of Doom
6 Loathing
7 Shroud
8 Price On A Head
9 Linger

Negative Reaction / When The Deadbolt Breaks
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sludge doom
Compact Disk
Jewel Case
Spare Change / PsycheDOOMelic
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SCR010 / PSY030
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