Nightbringer - Ego Dominus Tuus (CD)

black metal, Season Of Mist, Season Of Mist
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Enigmatic black metal cult NIGHTBRINGER have summoned forth the long-awaited new album 'Ego Dominus Tuus'. 'Ego Dominus...', Latin for "I am your Lord", is as imposing and commanding as its' title suggests. Recorded by the band and Dave Otero (COBALT, CEPHALIC CARNAGE), 'Ego Dominus...' is an epic piece of ritualistic metal so dense and so regal that it's magic will continue to manifest for years to come. 'Ego Dominus Tuus' is a monument to black metal at its most powerful, and one of the finest genre works to emerge in many years. Believe in the power of death!

1 Prayer Of Naphal 2:00
2 Et Nox Illuminatio Mea In Deliciis Meis 9:00
3 Lantern Of Eden's Night 9:29
4 Things Which Are Naught 5:36
5 I Am The Gateway 7:32
6 Call Of The Exile 4:25
7 Where Fire Never Dreamt Of Man 6:40
8 The Witchfires Of Tubal-Qayin 7:43
9 Salvation Is The Son Of Leviathan (Alabas In Memoriam) 6:07
10 The Otherness Of Being 12:43

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United States
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Ego Dominus Tuus
black metal
CD Album
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Season Of Mist
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SUA 058
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