V/A - He's No Good To Me Dead (CD)

sludge doom metal, Game Two Records
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Jewel case release. 8 pages fold-out booklet. Rear inlay is completely white. Grief recorded 3/99 at Headroom. Subsanity: tracks 7 to 10 recorded 1/4/99 - 1/5/99 at A.K.S. (Okc), and track 11 recorded at Première (Okc) in 1996. All music and lyrics © 1999 Subsanity Bongzilla recorded live at Ocayz Corral 4/4/99. Sourvein recorded May 27th, 1999 at Bank Studios, Nola. Mixed at Low Budget?? An additional track of Sourvein, "Plead the 5th", is mentioned in the booklet and on the rear cover, but doesn't appear on the CD. Mastered at Audio Park, Denver, CO. 1-3 Negative Reaction 4-6 Grief 7-11 Subsanity 12-13 Bongzilla 14-18 Sourvein

1 MMU Man 7:08
2 Cosmic Vertical Overlap 7:25
3 Hurtling Through The Cosmos 6:36
4 Time To Face Your Chake 4:34
5 Tarpar 4:40
6 Suffer In Silence 2:21
7 World Of Scum 1:58
8 Spaced Wizard 2:22
9 Cursed Chains 3:27
10 Fodder For The Dumb 1:20
11 Frozen Sunset 3:56
12 Trinity (Live) 6:43
13 Witch Weed (Live) 6:35
14 Waste Of Mine 3:55
15 Uneasy 4:02
16 Intake 3:54
17 Bearing Me Not 3:12

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United States
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He's No Good To Me Dead
sludge doom metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
Game Two Records
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