War Possession - Doomed To Chaos (CD)

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The highly anticipated debut full-length from this Greek squad. Hailing from the Black and Death Metal hotbed of Greece, War Possession indeed features a number of scene veterans within their ranks, including current and past members of such bands as Embrace of Thorns, Merciless Crucifixion and Wargoat. Since the band's beginnings in 2008, they've been possessed by an unwavering desire to craft and perform punishing, war-themed Death Metal impervious to trends and modern standards, combining corpulent, ominously slow riffs with blasting brutality soaked in a blackened ambience. References to be made are the olden endeavors of Bolt Thrower, Demigod, Treblinka/Tiamat, Incantation, Therion, Archgoat, Imprecation and Asphyx. But while they've quietly made an impression across a demo, split and EP, at long last, War Possession reveals its most devastating assault in "Doomed to Chaos". Totaling 10 tracks in a lean and mean 40 minutes, "Doomed to Chaos" begins its slow lurch into undead life with an ominous intro, setting the stage for the audial apocalypse to come. War-torn atmosphere established, War Possession soon kick into caustic and crunch gear with a proud and powerful pulse not unlike a Panzer tank. No more and certainly no less, the band evince totally pure, unapologetically untarnished Death Metal songwriting that finds the right balance between linear and labyrinthine. Engaging the listener (and enemy!) at every decimated turn, the sonic canvas of "Doomed to Chaos" soon becomes a battlefield, as each song plays out the stark drama so endemic to war. Or, if you simply listen and prepare to be flattened, never giving a thought to their thematics, War Possession lurch and lunge in a most classic way, even down to the early 90's-style production (with mastering by The Crypt's Ted Tringo). Completed by equally classic, era-accurate artwork by Fendieart, "Doomed to Chaos" is diehard Death Metal for Death Metal diehards - for victory!

1 March Into Hell (Beyond The Chaos Gate)
2 Operation Neptune
3 God Of A Wicked Mind
4 Verdun Hell
5 Doomed To Chaos
6 War Is The Father And King Of All
7 Slapton Sands Tragedy
8 The Sword Of Stalingrad
9 Haunted By Carnage
10 Mass For The Dead

War Possession
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Doomed To Chaos
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