Xasthur - Defective Epitaph (Japan) (2xCD) Cardboard Sleeve

depressive black metal, Daymare Recordings
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DYMC-042 / TGCS-4451/4452 s
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The japanese edition of "Defective Epitaph" comes in a miniature thick cardboard gatefold sleeve with japanese insert and OBI stripe. It contains a japan-only bonus CD with unpublished material. The US-version (Disc 1 only) is on Hydra Head (Sept.25th, 2007) (HH666-130). This is the first recording of Xasthur with live drums! And cello!

1.1 Souless Elegy 2:42
1.2 Purgatory Spiral 4:29
1.3 Cemetery Of Shattered Masks 6:03
1.4 Malignant Prophecy 5:40
1.5 Oration Of Ruin 7:23
1.6 Legacy Of Human Irrelevance 5:36
1.7 Dehumanizing Procession 4:52
1.8 Funerals Drenched In Apathy 5:29
1.9 Warship (The War Against) Yourself 7:34
1.10 A Memorial To The Waste Of Life 8:44
1.11 The Only Blood That Pours Is Yours 8:15
1.12 Unblessed Be 8:13
Japan Exclusive Bonus Disc
2.1 Untitled / Unreleased 3:24
2.2 Untitled / Unreleased 5:51
2.3 Morder Gjenklang Av Tankegangen 11:08
2.4 Funerals Drenched In Apathy / Soulless Elegy (First Attempt) 9:27
2.5 Awakening To The Unknown Perception Of Evil (Second Attempt) 8:02

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United States
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Defective Epitaph (Japan)
depressive black metal
Cardboard Sleeve
Daymare Recordings
Cat No:
DYMC-042 / TGCS-4451/4452
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