Metalegion Issue #2 (2017) + CD

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92 pages (A4 – 21 x 29,7 cm)
Full colour glossy paper, cover (135 gr.) inside (90gr.)
English written
79 minutes Sampler CD

Immolation, Sodom, Running Wild, Aborted, Mortem, Grave Desecrator, Metal Church, Wacht, Ragehammer, Stormzone, Ade, Devourer, Desert Near The End, Eshtadur, Midnite Hellion, Tengger Cavalry, Game Over, Blood Red Throne, Into Coffin, Havukruunu

38 page review section
Fall of Summer live 2017 report
Ragnard Rock Fest – a retrospective

Sampler CD:
01. Devourer – ‘Insania’
02. Eshtadur – ‘Plaguemaker’
03. Desert Near The End – ‘Point of No Return’
04. Akephalos – ‘Headless Demon Angel’
05. Stormzone – ‘Another Rainy Night’
06. Septik Onslaught – ‘Black Circle’
07. Wacht – ‘Sunborn’
08. The Hole – ‘The Sheperd of Souls’
09. Cranial Carnage – ‘Bastard’
10. Aphonic Threnody – ‘Life Stabbed Me Once Again’
11. Bloodphemy – ‘Annihilation’
12. Inquiring Blood – ‘Hell Commander’
13. Midnite Hellion – ‘Enter the Nightmare’
14. Beyond Visions – ‘Pay My Price’
15. Cauterization – ‘Deflagration’
16. Mask Of Satan – ‘Dread Spell of Azathoth’
17. Minneriket – ‘An All Too Human Heart’
18. Black Serpent – ‘Nightside Awake’

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