AMBER TEARS release new album "When No Trails"

by Solitude Productions

Undoubtedly, this is the one of the most awaited albums and brilliant releases on the Russian metal scene. The triumphant comeback of the famous pagan doom death metal band Amber Tears at the borderline of the retreat of winter and the awakening of nature emphasizes the album concept of emerging human experiences with nature. The breath of the northern forests is already filled with the ritual sounds of drums, while melodious guitar parts echo the crow cries.

When the past holds you for a long time and does not let you go, when you are not sure if you want changes to happen, you freeze between winter and spring ...

1 Спой Ветер, Спой Ворон
2 Где Я Остался
3 В Вихре Прошлых Дней
4 Под Светом Звезд
5 Там, Где Нет Весны


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