CONE FOREST release 2 albums on CD

by Solitude Productions

Stephen Hawking was able to give answers to indeed global questions: where did we come from, how did the Universe originate, is there anyone else besides us, and what future awaits humanity?

The guys from the St. Petersburg group "Shishkin Forest" seem to be his fans. The "cosmic" theme obviously presents on both albums that we would like to present you today.

Cone Forest (Шишкин Лес) - Материя (Matter) (CD)

“Matter”, the first album of the Shishkin Forest group, recorded in the summer 2015, is being released for the first time in a CD format. The music basis consists in a mixture of different genres varying from drone doom to ambient combined with female vocals.The album cover is crafted according to the 4x4 formula: the square is repeated 4 times, raising simple black earth (matter) to the rank of a fundamental principle: the start of the group’s work and, probably, something more ...

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Cone Forest (Шишкин Лес) - Универс (Universe) (CD)

The new release by Shishkin Forst, “Universum”, is at the junction of the drone doom and post metal genres, the CD is released on the eve of their large tour scheduled for the fall 2019. Each musical movement of a more than a half-hour long monolithic track will tremble in your body, while female vocals will force you to drop all thoughts and meditate to observe the cosmos growing within.The artwork reflects the specific nature of the music: a calm and majestic atmosphere is revealed with convincing and melancholic power, like a sleeping forest with its naked nerves of roots.

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