EA - Ea Taesse Vinyl reissue

by Solitude Productions

After the last edition on the CD of EA’s magnificent album «Ea Taesse» ended, Solitude Productions came to what audiophiles from around the world had been dreaming of for so long, subdued by their debut work. So, “Ea Taesse” is being released for the first time on vinyl, which has undergone special mastering and has been designed in the form that it was originally seen and planned by musicians.

The first edition will contain a limited number of unique colored vinyls («grey opaque with black and white splatter»), which will not be further printed and which may soon become rarities and an object of search for collectors from all over the world.

Vinyl will be printed in Europe, so shipping costs will be lower for buyers from Europe, and delivery will be much faster. We expect to start shipping in second half of July, but it'll be depend on situation in the world.

The cost of limited color vinyl on pre-order is 20.99 euro, the cost of black vinyl on pre-order is 14.99 euro. After the official release of vinyl, prices will be higher, so hurry up to order your copy now.

Preorder here - official EA Bandcamp page


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