EKKLESIAST release "Cold" (15th Anniversary Remix)

by Solitude Productions

The re-release of the album by the Russian doom metal legend, the original release of which has been sold out a long time ago. The album was remixed at a professional studio in 2020 by the band member Artyom Dolina especially for this re-release aiming at appreciation of Ekklesiast music by novice listeners and rediscovery of the touch of “Cold” by the old band fans. "Cold" shows a fifty minutes long mystery about life and death, joy and sorrow represented through a harmonious combination of melodic death-doom metal with traditional doom metal features and wonderful deep lyrics. The re-issue comes as a limited edition six-panel digipack with a four-page booklet containing lyrics.

1 Цветок Тревоги 6:46
2 Микрокосм 4:24
3 Release From Reveries 5:18
4 Превращаясь В Лёд 5:08
5 Глаза Чужих Миров 4:03
6 Пламя Желаний 7:19
7 Seasons 1:42
8 Destiny's End 5:10
9 Эта Земля Без Нас 4:29
10 Step To Eternity 6:04


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