EYELESS IN GAZA released debut album "Act I: The Protagonist"

by Solitude Productions

The debut album by Eyeless in Gaza, a band from Armenia, presents a fusion of different styles and gives a fresh look at the genre. A harmonic combination of classical acoustic guitar, academic choral chants, and dark ambient interludes, as well as motifs of the epic funeral doom metal and black doom metal with variable vocals, gives birth to a real epic canvas filled with magic that tells about a personal experience, which can be expressed exclusively by the language of music.
Act I: The Protagonist is an abstract conceptual album, where each track is a stage of personal experience, existential thoughts about destruction as an idea of a new beginning. This is a dreamy and tragic monologue about deep feelings of regret and humility that are melting within us.
The album comes as a limited six-panel digipack.

1 The Protagonist 20:24
2 Maelstrom 14:01
3 Mournful Unconcern 7:30
4 Madrigal 2:11


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