HELEVORN release new album "Aamamata"

by Solitude Productions
HELEVORN release new album "Aamamata"

The album has been recorded at Psychosomatic studios by M.A Riutort and mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, like their previous album, and the cover artwork has been made by Gonzalo Aeneas.

In the large list of contributions, you can find Heike Langhans of the Swedish band Draconian, who sings in a song of the album.

This new disc is a bit more epic, intense and dark than the previous ‘Compassion Forlorn’, who had excellent reviews and took the band to play in several European cities, and it will delight to all the Doom Metal fans over the world.

1 A Sail To Sanity
2 Goodbye, Hope
3 Blackened Waves
4 Aurora
5 Forgotten Fields
6 Nostrum Mare (Et Deixo Un Pont De Mar Blava)
7 Once Upon A War
8 The Path To Puya
9 La Sibil·La

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