IVAN released fifth album "Silver Screens"

by Solitude Productions

The fifth release by Australian band Ivan “Silver Screens” develops and affirms their unique personal style that goes far beyond the frames of funeral death doom metal. At the same time, when working on this album, the musicians gained diverse experience and achieved a new level of sound.
A combination of heavy riffs with a lively violin and atmospheric keyboards creates a harmonic unity. Melodies that touch the very soul, together with epic and airiness make the album indeed special and memorable.
The artwork was created by our good friend Ashley Williams who has expressed through acrylics the spirit of the album, representing the sound through the color palettes which were envisioned whilst writing and recording «Silver Screens».
The album comes as a limited six-panel digipack.

1 Silver Screens 19:23
2 The Winds Will Scream 11:44
3 Underneath The Tapestry 7:13
4 Crystalline 5:58


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