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by Solitude Productions

Dear friends and colleagues! 

All these years we have been trying to bring people together through music. Our team includes people of different nationalities (Russians and Ukrainians), different political views, believers and atheists, people with different educational and professional backgrounds, lovers of different literature and music. And this made our label unique, versatile, and inimitable. Therefore, we have always dealt exclusively with music, remaining neutral to what is happening around. Today, maybe even more than ever, our team remains united and solid, despite of our differences. But unfortunately, the world itself has changed, and is more divided than ever. This makes us very sad. No matter how much we love the work that we have been doing all these years, we are forced to decide to suspend our activities... Nevertheless, we do not say goodbye and we will hope for the best. Take care of yourselves and your relations, and always stay human.

With love to you and doom metal, sincerely and always,
Solitude Productions.

P.S. Our webstore is unavailable for orders outside Russia, you still can find our releases in distros of our distributors over the world or on Discogs.


Спасибо получил пластинку Mourning beloveth всё норм, единственное я заплатил за пересыл а Ярославль почти 800 р. А так всё хорошо. Успехов вам!
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