New label series DOOM METAL REBIRTH!

by Solitude Productions

Solitude Productions have always striven to do anything special. And now this moment has come, when we are ready to start a new unique series of release under the mark of DOOM METAL REBIRTH. The purpose of this series can be expressed in one sentence taken from the debut work ELUSIVE GOD:
«This is the return of doom metal as the music which amazed us with its energy, honesty, meaning and inconsistency, is on the verge of extinction»
Yes, it is the debut EP of the Croatian band ELUSIVE GOD «The Darkest Flame», highly rated by true lovers of traditional doom metal, will be the first release of series, returning in full the importance of style. The CD is slated for a December 25th release.
The second release in series will become a great EP «Amber & Gold» from Britain style protagonists ALUNAH. This EP was previously released only on vinyl and is a must-have artifact for anyone who shares our passion for the proper music. The issue of «Amber & Gold» is planned in March next year.
Join us and share our celebration of doom metal!


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