ODRADEK ROOM release new album "Painted Mind"

by Solitude Productions

'Painted Mind' - a new album from Ukrainian band ODRADEK ROOM, which remains at the forefront of intellectual metal scene. Stylistically the band's music originates from atmospheric post-metal and doom death metal with elements of related genres.

Project's author produced animated clips, which together form a whole psychedelic film with an overarching plot. The album depicts psychological aspect of 'mind obscuring', deconstructing and diving into suppressed states of consciousness. The band invites you on a journey to go through their path of realising ideas, causes and consequences of the film's story.
The stylish six-panel digipack includes artwork from author's animated film and has to get a decent place in your collection.

1 The Room
2 Breaching The Soil
3 Clarity
4 Can't Tend A Flame
5 Escape
6 Prayer
7 Tree Of Time


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