OLD NIGHT released new album "Ghost Light"

by Solitude Productions

The third album from OLD NIGHT, a Croatian band formed by Luka Petrović of ASHES YOU LEAVE. From the very first album the band has established itself as an adherent of the tradition of doom metal with the surprise of rock, the value of heavy metal and atmospheric music in general.
"Ghost Light" became, without exaggeration, the most mature work of the group. Balanced sounds and inclusions (including amazing lead guitar parts), polished arrangements and smells of atmosphere - all this makes the album one of a kind and excludes listening. It is also the album and the closure of a trilogy that began on their first full-length album. This intimate concept album takes an even more adventurous turn into the darkest corners of the human mind.
The cover and booklet design was done by none other than All Things Rotten, who also worked on the band's first two albums. The album was released as a four-panel digipak with a 12-page booklet.

1. Strange Lights On The Moor
2. Sacred South
3. Daughter Of Summer Dawning
4. Sweet Little Sorrows
5. Cognitive Dissonance
6. No Solace
7. Sworn To Deviltry
8. The Inevitability Of Leaving


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