ROSTRES releases debut album "Les Corps Flottants"

by Solitude Productions
ROSTRES releases debut album "Les Corps Flottants"

Dynamic French duo ROSTRES present their first full length album ‘Les Corps Flottants’, a journey through turgid sludge, post-rock and shoegaze. Think of a slowed down Pelican or speed up Neurosis and you will have the right idea. These guys create huge atmosphere through pure riffage and towering, crashing drums alone. The album is fully instrumental as is often the case in this genre but that is not to it’s detriment, the dynamics of the performance and at times lyrical lead guitar/synth/even string patterns wandering back and forth across the riff gives the ear everything it could want. This is an exceptional ‘post’ album with a variety of sounds to both punish and reward the listener! The primary tone here can be defined as ‘BIG’. These are towering, monumental riffs supported by thunderous drums and given a sense of space with glittering effect drenched noise, juxtaposed against swathes of open ground, breathing and building room until the next mountain of noise for the listener to climb.

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1 Les Corps Flottants 08:25
2 Exorde 07:14
3 Méandres 06:38
4 118 04:41
5 Glaire 06:34
6 Au Faîte Des Honneurs 09:05
7 Déversoir 05:02


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