S.C.A.L.P. released new album "Героям Прошлых Лет / To The Heroes Of The Past"

by Solitude Productions

The new album of S.C.A.L.P., a legendary band from Oryol, is a quite mature work that was released after a long break. “To the Heroes of the Past” doesn’t bow to today’s music sound trend of a similar genre. It’s a kind of live sound blending of heavy metal and melancholic rock.
The album includes 10 tracks arranged in one conceptual line, telling one story from the beginning to the end. The track "Third Spring” was composed with the participation of Evgeniy Ryzhenok, one of the founders of the band, who died tragically in 2004.

1 К Истоку
2 Промах
3 Карусель
4 Я Поделюсь
5 С Тобой
6 Schwainen-Song
7 Лишь Раз
8 Все Заново Начать
9 Третья Весна
10 Против Течения


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