Solitude Productions - XV Years!

by Solitude Productions

Did we think that someday we will have to summarize and think about how to celebrate the next anniversary? Of course not. 

From the very beginning all the activities behind the scenes of Solitude Productions were based solely on enthusiasm, love for music and the desire to restore justice to doom metal, which, in our opinion, was undeservedly overshadowed by other metal genres, and the boundaries of the genre were conditional and blurred. 

During this time, a huge amount of work has been done: friendly international relations with metal labels were established, a large number of albums by various artists from all over the world were produced, a unique online radio was launched, more than 300 releases were released. Despite all this, we are still the good old underground. 

During the global pandemic, when there was a certain recession in the music field, we managed to plan new releases and put some of them into operation. Therefore, in the nearest future you will find new music, including remixed several of our early releases, which have received a new sound.

Until 26/07/2020 we offer 15% discount on everything! 

Also we launched special new section - 

Sale %

where you can find products with lowest possible prices ever. 
The section will continue even after the anniversary sale end.

Also we present you a new release - limited numbered issue of the debut EP

Fvneral Fvkk - Lecherous Liturgies


Limited edition - 300 copies worldwide

1 Underneath The Phelonion 5:54 
2 Erection In The House Of God 6:04 
3 Fvkking At Fvnerals (Bonus) 6:07

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