TETRAMORPHE IMPURE release "Dead Hopes / The Last Chains"

by Solitude Productions

This issue includes "Dead Hopes" EP and "The Last Chains" demo, harmoniously combined in one CD with a total duration of 45 minutes. The band from Italy currently represented by musician Damien (also the vocalist of the Italian black metal band Comando Praetorio) follows the traditions of doom death metal influenced by the British doom metal scene of the early 90s, with a strong inspiration by such bands as Evoken, Esoteric, Dead Can Dance and Lycia. Tetramorphe Impure is a six-panel-digipack shaped journey through the subconscious corridors of mind, where your spirit will become for a moment free from the earthly chains of flesh.

1 Deception
2 Dead Hopes
3 The Last Chains
4 Eternal Procession


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