YPRES releases "Genus Vitiosum" on CD

by Solitude Productions

Ypres is a band from St. Petersburg, which took the name after the city in Belgium, where chemical weapons of mass destruction were applied for the first time in history. Through 6 years of activity, the band released their debut album along with the followed EP, Genus Vitiosum, and manifested itself as a perfect example of ''classic'' post-metal. The latest release to date, the solid single EP Umwelt, has become a new milestone in the history of the band inevitably featuring, despite all the loyalty to the traditions of Americana and country music themes.

1 Via Longa Veniae 8:42
2 Ad Gloriam Ignorantiae! 6:49
3 Omnem Humanitatem Exuere 9:07
Bonus Track
4 Umwelt 11:07


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