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Floodstain - Slave To The Self Feeding Machine (CD)

stoner / sludge metal, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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New album of the band demonstrates high quality of music and professionalism of the musicians. The followers of Fu Manchu, Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age on the one hand fit the canons of the genre and, on the other hand, deliver original powerful tracks filled with outstanding riffs and inexhaustible energy. The album has a potential to become a gold standard of the genre and a pleasant discovery for the fans of this style.

1 Deathproof
2 Icepick Lobotomy
3 Slave To The Self Feeding Machine
4 Jawbreaker (The Peace Within)
5 The Slumbering Titan Slayer
6 Crooked Teeth
7 Suicide Pep Rally
8 Suicide Bonus

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Slave To The Self Feeding Machine
stoner / sludge metal
CD Album
Jewel Case
BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 037-10
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Floodstain call themselves a sludge stonerrock band and are from The Netherlands and this is their second release on Bad Mood Man Records from Russia, sublabel from Solitude Productions. After reading the description I got curious, because they got influenced by Fu Manchu, Kyuss and the likes.

First impression was quite different from what I expected because first thing I thought was that they sound like Alabama Thunderpussy which is not bad either. The music and vocals are more in the vein of southern rock combined with straight forward groove metal and a slight stoner vibe. Songs are structured with oversight and build up to a catchy chorus which makes them recognisable easily after a few times hearing. Riffs are also with the intention to be catchy and the sound is from heavy and rocking to melodic and harmonic but personally I miss the final touch to make this album stand out from the rest in this genre. Same goes for the drumming which lack some dynamics at some moments in the songs to bring more tension. But all in all this is a solid rocking stonermetal album with a nice variation in songs with effort and spirit put into it.

Author: Nydoom
Minacious Webzine

Look I like Sludge and Stoner, but this is not really for me. It’s most likely the vocals, someone’s trying to become Anselmo, what the fuck, did he just scream “Hostile”? Anyway this is probably a good album if you like Stoner and Sludge, they’re quite heavy, with some groove, there are some good riffs here and there but this is to much Stoner and Sludge for me, I can’t really explain it, I just don’t like it.

Author: Mordant

Floodstain zorgt ervoor dat het album energiek word ingezet, met “Deathproof” laten ze namelijk een van hun meer stevige nummers horen. Het voelt aan als een lekkere track met continu een lekkere groove.

Zoals er veel gebeurd in het stoner genre, laat ook Floodstain duidelijk zien waar ze hun inspiratie vandaan halen. Op hun myspace en website is vooral te vinden dat ze hun inspiratie vinden bij Fu Manchu, Kyuss en Queens of the stone age. Deze invloeden zijn wel te horen door het album, maar in geringe mate. Zo is Floodstain veel zwaarder en donkerder op dit album.

Dit is ook terug te horen in “Ice pick lobotomy” dit nummer lijkt muzikaal een aantal momenten op de net genoemde bands, maar dankzij vooral de zang word het een zwaarder nummer.

Muzikaal zorgen ze ervoor dat er een stevige ondertoon ligt.

“Slave to the self feeding machine” heeft dit dan weer in mindere mate, maar sluit wel enorm aan op de algehele stijl die Floodstain uitzet op hun album.

Na het instrumentale “the peace within”, welke enorm lekker begint en precies lang genoeg duurt om er van te kunnen genieten, komt een wat rustiger deel van het album zo zijn “the slumbering titan slayer” en “crooked teeth” zijn wat meer ingetogen en hebben maar op een aantal momenten een energieke uitspatting.

Het album word sterk afgesloten met “crooked teeth” welke af en toe nog lekker de snelheid kiest en een energiek einde verzorgt. Sterk afgesloten als we het 8e “bonus” nummer niet meerekenen, want dit had van mij betreft gewoon weggelaten kunnen blijven.

Het nummer duurt maar liefst 4.43 en na 2 minuten opbouw in ruis horen we een slecht te verstane politie radio oid. Ik weet niet wat te toegevoegde waarde is van dit soort “tracks” en snap daarom ook niet dat Floodstain het brengt na dit goede album.

Floodstain zorgt voor een stevig album, waarin van voor tot eind te horen is dat ze voor hun muziek leven. Een album met afwisseling in elk nummer en een goede opbouw qua nummers.

Daarom is het ook dat ik het zo een fijn album vind. Mijn persoonlijke smaak in de metal ligt ergens anders, maar Floodstain heeft me zover gekregen een compleet album van begin tot eind af te laten luisteren.

Voor de liefhebber van stoner is dit een album wat je gehoord moet hebben, en voor de mensen die zoals mij die eigenlijk niet tot nauwelijks stoner opzetten moeten het ook maar eens een keertje proberen..

Author: Eric Verheijen
Metal Integral

Certain groups seize the banner of the Stoner Rock to produce one Rock smoked out and fatty. FLOODSTAIN begins again holding them and the outcomes of the kind to put them at the profit compositions for the majority collected, compact, based on riffs edges and distinct, crossed by a éraillé and hostile song. The group assumes the basic influences of the Stoner, namely FU MANCHU, KYUSS and QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE.
For as much, FLOODSTAIN seems not very concerned of psychedelism of the desert; regularly, it punctuates its riffs of dissonances that one PRONGwould not have disavowed.

the group sees coupled the label complementary to Sludge. It is true that the sound very dirty compound the very square and rough approach can evoke this scene in addition disparate (it is particularly obvious on labyrinthian the The Slumbering Titan Slayer !). Still should it be specified that it is in the most aggressive slope and rapid that the group is overall. Not really of the poets thus! More especially as the sound of Welcome To The Self Feeding Machine is very believed, very live, frankly abrasive.

It however remains to FLOODSTAIN to produce more personal compositions in order to make them still more outstanding and to thus leave the batch of the simply qualified formations.

Author: Alain

This is the new album from Dutch Stoner Metallers Floodstain and this album is titled "Slave To The Self Feeding Machine" and its released on BadMoodMan Records which is an part of the Solitude Productions crew from Russia. Its great to see this label expanding in the way it is at the moment, from a mainly Gothic/Death Doom label, they are now bringing in many varied styles from within the Doom and Stoner Metal genres. Floodstain are another band brought into the melting pot and while they are from the Netherlands, their style is very Americanized Stoner/Sludge in the vein of Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Queens Of The Stone Age, Alabama Thunderpussy and Down. Speaking of Down, the vocals here are very much at times in the vein of Phil Anselmo and musically they have an similar type of beefy grunt to the guitar sound. When all is said and done however, the band seems to be copying rather than trying to re-invent anything which is not always a bad thing if its done well.

Some songs stand out more so than others, "Deathproof" and "Ice Pick Lobotomy" have a fair amount of aggression and attitude with some great riffage and "Suicide Pep Rally" has some interesting melody lines that make that particular song stand out from the rest. However the other tracks lack anything to write home about, there is nothing terrible either but the phrase "Going Through The Motions" kind of applies here although they do conduct themselves with a lot of passion and energy. Early Sabbath-esque type of riffing is used here and there to break up the songs and to create some additional mood and there is some powerhouse grooves in places. Too often though they seem to be playing it safe (The Peace Within) or not making the most out of good ideas (The Slumbering Titan Slayer). There is still more than enough infectious grooves, melodies and heavy, chunky Sludge-Rock to make this better than average but you can't help but feel something is missing.

Apart from the obvious use of various cliche's, the album also suffers from an production point of view. The vibe is that of a rehearsal room more than an actual recording session and the playing lacks a certain tightness which harms the overall power of the songs. While I feel they have a way to go to compete with the bands that obviously influenced them, they certainly have produced a decent album but have the potential to do much better in the future. The guitar work is good as is the vocals but the drumming lacks a lot of power which is a large part is due to the production and to a smaller degree is down to a lack of dynamics within the drumming style itself. "Slave To The Self Feeding Machine" is just a little bit better than your average Stoner/Sludge band and that is about all I can say about it really

Floodstainin sludgehtava stoner rock raspilaululla kuulostaa vähän kuin Alabama Thunderpussyn, High On Firen ja Downin sekoitukselta. Etenkin laulusta tulee mieleen Thunderpussy tai Matt Pike.

Omasta mielestäni levyltä erottuvat parhaiten sen nimiraita, The Slumbering Titan Slayer sekä oma suosikkini Broken Teeth, jonka kertosäe on huipputarttuva. Tuotanto levyllä on tämäntyyliselle musiikille kohtuullista, ja kaikki on hyvin tasapainossa. Lätyn lopusta löytyy jopa piiloraita, joka onkin todella outo ja siisti. Eipä se oikeastaan ole edes kappale, mutta oma tunnelmansa siinä taatusti on.

Kuuntelemisen arvoinen tapaus siis. Albumin kansitaide jättää tosin paljon toivomisen varaa, eikä anna minkäänlaista kuvaa siitä, millaista musiikkia levy sisältää, joten älkää antako sen hämätä.

Floodstain plays sludged-down stoner rock with guttural vocals, like a mixture of Alabama Thunderpussy, High On Fire and Down. Especially the vocals remind me of Thunderpussy or Matt Pike.

The songs that stand out in my ears are the title track, The Slumbering Titan Slayer and my personal favorite Broken Teeth, with it's superb chorus. Decent production for this kind of music, and everything is well-balanced. There's even a hidden track at the end of the album, which is freaky and cool in my opinion. It's not a song, but it is moody.

Worth a listen, although the sleeve art leaves much to be desired and fails to give any indication of what kind of music is in question, so don't let it fool you.

Author: Starbuck

Dalla fredda Russia, sotto la bandiera della BadMoodMan, ecco arrivare i Floodstain con questo Slave To The Self Feeding Machine, un lavoro di Stoner Metal nudo e crudo, ignorante e cazzone quanto basta per risvegliare gli animi più grugniti e birraioli.
Nella sua mezz’ora ci propongono brani di varia durata, dai 2 minuti ai 7, dimostrando una certa maneggevolezza nella forma canzone, calcando al 100% una linea stilistica che non prevede grosse sperimentazioni di sorta. “Semplicità” è una parola che piace ai nostri, unita ad un groove molesto, strafottente, vocalizzato da una voce ruvida ed abrasiva, da vecchio motociclista cappellone e barbuto. Tuttavia ci è anche concesso qualche apertura più “raffinata” e studiata, senza abusarne troppo però, non sia mai. Le chitarre sono pastose ed il gain facile, il basso è grosso, inquietante, sempre presente, e la batteria è quasi nascosta alle volte dietro al forzuto lavoro dei cordofoni, davvero smaniosi di attenzioni.

Brani come Deathproof e The Peace Within ve la faranno vedere l’indole irrequieta dei Floodstain, mentre Ice Pick Lobotomy e Crooked Teeth risulteranno un po’ più festaiole e spensierate, riuscendo poi a coadiuvare assalti Metal e melodie Rock in The Slumbering Titan Slayer, il brano più lungo e stratificato.
Un lavoro senz’altro onesto, senza grosse pretese, e sicuramente non esente da pecche (tipo il ritornello di Crooked Teeth, oggettivamente piuttosto brutto da sentirsi), che tuttavia si pone su un pericoloso limbo, tra “l’utile e l’inutile”.
Bisogna infatti ammettere che i brani non hanno traccia di vera genialità ne di grandi balzi qualitativi, ma non sono neanche catastrofiche porcherie, lasciandosi ascoltare tutto sommato con piacere. La soggettività qui potrebbe essere essenziale per decretare la sufficienza o l’esilio, buttando la questione su una mera questione di gusto.

Non tutto è da buttare dunque, anzi, ma tuttavia questo The Self Feeding Machine non sarà nulla più di quello che appare: una godibile – ma piuttosto innocua - mezz’ora di Stoner Metal senza fronzoli.

Author: Norther

Стоунер бывает правильный и неправильный. Естественно, по мере роста популярности жанра представителей второй категории становится все больше, но, к счастью, и музыкантов из первой категории тоже не становится меньше. Голландцы Floodstain – именно из их числа, так как играют самый что ни на есть правильный стоунер, верный заветам классиков жанра вроде Kyuss и Fu Manchu. На их новом альбоме “Slave To The Self Feeding Machine” все вполне предсказуемо: это все те же мощные риффы, длинные соло-запилы, суровый хриплый вокал – схема стара, но работает безотказно. Правда, влияние металла и альтернативы тоже чувствуется. Порой звучание взрывается каким-нибудь злобным бластбитом, а вокалист переходит на брутальный рык. Но и реверансы в сторону классического хард-рока и блюза тоже слышны невооруженным ухом. Ну а под конец музыканты предлагают нам немного нойз-эмбиента на неуказанном в трек-листе бонус-треке. Материал на альбоме очень хитовый, так что тридцать семь минут удовольствия гарантированы. Конечно, альбом без откровений, но на полке любителя правильного стоунера лишним он явно не окажется. Это просто очень хорошая рок-н-ролльная пластинка – и добавить тут больше нечего.

Author: Леонид Кравченко

A holland Floodstain tíz éves lett, mivel a 2007-es Dreams Make Monsters kapcsán némi infot elpötyögtettem (csekkold a lap alján), így kihagyom a dolgok ecsetelgetését. Szóval a srácok három év után új anyaggal döntötték be a penészes mosókonyha oldalát. A nagy csattanás, vastag és vaskos iszap térhódítása követi, mély szárnycsapásokkal ereszkedni igyekvő hasis és egyéb könnyed illegalitásba temetkező származékok kísérnek utunkon, melyben részesei lehetünk a Crowbar, Down féle mezsgyéknek.

Visszahallgatva az előző lemezt, az ember két dolgot vesz észre; egy taggal kevesebb van illetve sokkal vastagabb, durvább, vaskosabb és komplexebb zenét tolnak. A szinte teljesen instrumentális The Peace Within valójában súlyosabb doom-death tornyokat bont meg, míg a nóták többségében ott vezekel a fentebb említett két nagy név mellett a Black Sabbath féle lélek-fűzér, a Doors és a ’70-es évek mocskos rock zenei mélyrepülései, nem is beszélve a Kyuss és Queens Of The Stone Age préselte őszi enyészetről... Remek dallamokat kapunk melyek később is a fejünkben ragadnak, néhol már-már bluesos lüktetések metszik fel a megtébolyult Lenny Kravitz vénákat, a kitóduló vér fertőzött a réges-régi rock’n’roll-lal, a stoner doom húzásokkal és egy nagy adag rothadással. A címadó annyira dallamos, hogy lényegében rádióban zene is lehetne, ha a refrének haragjából visszavennének, a Crooked Teeth meg egy igaz COC és Alice In Chains féle lázadás, nem is beszélve a Suicide Pep Rally eszement döngöléséről!

A hangzás remek, a külsőségek puritánok, a booklet pedig gyakorlatilag egy fotó és egy köszönet lista, maga a korong fényesen nyomott – kicsit pixeles, míg maga a borító matt papírra fektetett színes lázadás. Érett és igényes stoner cucc ez, változatos koncepciókba merítve rozsdás kupáját, az uralkodó halott, a méreg oszlik és a főtanácsos trónra ülve új fejezetet nyit a jelen történelmében.

Author: haragSICK
Diztorted Dimension

Жуткая смесь из стоунера и сладжа ожидает ничего не подозревающего слушателя, ставящего этот компакт диск в аппарат и тянущегося к кнопке «Play». Но, ничего страшного не произойдёт, всё будет отлично! Материал у голландцев получился более металлизированным, даже core'овым. Наждачный вокал Jozz'а, грязноватая перегруженная гитара и громоподобный бас вкупе с шустрой ударкой бомбят звуковое пространство и, похоже, готовы не оставить камня на камне!

Музыкальные ходы, приёмы, даже тембры, тематика текстов – всё это уже было и, уверен, ещё будет! Всё это рок'н'ролл! Контуры которого вполне явно проступают сквозь плотный (а сыграно всё втроём!) и шустрый металл (с первого взгляда).

Поклонникам жанра сие творение должно понравиться, но о новизне или оригинальности тут говорить не приходится.

Author: Valentii
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