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Re123+ - Magi (CD)

drone doom / post metal, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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The debut official release from a unique Belorussian band. The music of Re123+ is an act of meditation. Each time the band offers to a listener another kind of sound, never repeats itself preparing a special program for each concert. “Magi” is a travel to the Past demonstrating the ancient story of Adoration of Magi to the listener as an astrological story. This is the attempt to understand and to see the true essence of matter while clearing it from various interpretations. This album like all other Re123+ works was recorded during night time. Besides traditional drone-touched guitars the musicians introduced sounds of accordion, triangle and percussion. Stylistically their music varies from drone-doom to post-rock and will surely suit the tastes of early Earth fans. For proper visualization of the album’s idea the booklet includes photo art by members of Re123+ accompanied by citations from «The Island of the Day Before» by famous postmodernist Umberto Eco.

1 Way To The Son 29:28
2 Three In A Desert 9:59
3 Gold, Ladan, Mirra 8:09

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drone doom / post metal
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BMM. 031-10
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Holy Shit, what is this? That was initial thought after I put Magi into my CD-Player. Magi is title of new album released by awkwardly named band from Belarus; re123.

Magi is a very different release and very weird one containing only three songs in the best neurotic & misanthropic doom metal style. The opening track is called “Way to the Son” which is a thirty (?!) minute long instrumental/post hardcore/post metal/doom song. It sounds just as bizarre, odd and strange as the remaining two songs. In the middle of the song begins a deep, scary, dark and church-alike male singing. This sounds very good actually…
“Three in a Desert” is the second track, another long song with total playing time of app. ten minutes. This one is a bit more varied, but equally odd. Closing song is the shortest one with ‘only’ eight minutes of depressive, melancholic and misanthropic doom metal.

There’re many good moments on Magi, but poor and meagre production takes of some of the pleasure of listening to re123. To times the whole thing seems a bit abstract and hardly comprehensive. On the other hand the artwork is really amazing and approachable with all necessary information a listener could ask for.

This CD can esp. be recommended for the fans of Neurosis, Sunn, Isis, Minsk and similar post metal/doom acts. For contact and a few songs go to:

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