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Sanctus Infernum - Sanctus Infernum (CD)

extreme death / doom, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 010-08 xn
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Debut album by an American Band – a project of Mark Anderson from the legendary heavy rock band Manila Road. The music can be described as a combination of death/black and death/doom and is full of heavy riffs From time to time the riffs, the solo’s and the vocals approach the classic work of Tiamat “Clouds”. Excellent recording quality and superior musician craft make this album different from many others.

1 Flesh Without Sin 4:57
2 God Unto Myself 5:18
3 The Journey Back 10:32
4 Facing The Black 5:24
5 Suffer 2:58
6 Waking The Dead 5:01
7 What Calm Is Without Storm 3:52
8 Let It Be So 7:02

Sanctus Infernum
Artist Country:
United States
Album Year:
Sanctus Infernum
extreme death / doom
CD Album
Jewel Case
BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 010-08
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I am no expert in Bad Mood Man’s catalogue but after checking out a handful of their releases I am quite certain that Sanctus Infernum are a bit of a departure for the label. Here is a band sounding off a pretty nifty and mighty blend of black, doom and death metal. Think of Sanctus Infernum as a handful of old psychos, too crippled by drugs, alcohol and age to play fast enough so they’ve had to slow down their music to flexible speed. Their self-titled debut features great cover artwork, and more importantly, packs eight lethal tunes of pure ugly metal. “Waking the Dead” is cool hard rock with a monster at the mike and the ten-minute long “The Journey Back” even features an acoustic guitar interlude that’s just an inch short of Paco de Lucia. Sanctus Infernum features the vocal abilities of Marc Anderson, a man that did a three-year stint with Manilla Road at the turn of the millennium. Whatever approach he had back then, I doubt is the same one he is using now. Anderson’s deep guttural belch is pretty fucking skillful. I am surprised this band hasn’t received more exposure in the States.

Sanctus Infernum is a new signing of BadMoodMan music, a sublabel of Solitude Productions, and this is their debut album. The style they are into is not easy to be described. The first impression is that they are into death metal but with such a slow tempo in most of the songs and so many doom metal influences things get a little bit complicated. They are not a doom/death metal band but they combine death and doom metal in a very original way! I know this sounds weird but it also sounds good. Listen to "God Unto Myself" and you have a great Candlemass meet Black Sabbath song. On the other hand "What Calm Is Without Storm" may remind you of an early Amorphis song or even a non-so death metal version of Vital Remains!

We shouldn't focus on the style of the band but on the great sound they have. I like music i cannot easily describe. Down-tempo songs with death metal feeling and doom structure is a great combination. If you add and the great solos by Mark Anderson (ex-guitar player of Manilla Road, one of the best epic metal bands ever) then you have a killer result! From the 8 songs of this album the highlighted ones are "God Unto Myself" and the amazing "The Journey Back".

Very interesting debut album and a very interesting combination of metal genres that comes in a very nice package with a 12 paged booklet and a very good production. Highly recommended release!

Author: Bleeding
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