Veil Of Conspiracy - Echoes Of Winter (CD)

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The new album by the Italian band featuring musicians previously participated in other bands and already released their first full-length album. "Echoes Of Winter", unlike the debut album, demonstrates balance, refinement of the material and musicians’ skills, together with its integrity. Perfect recording quality underlines all shades of the music and the mood of the album. The atmosphere of despair and emptiness is emphasized not only by harmonious musicians' performance with sublime riffs and deep guitar solos, but also by pure melancholic vocals with tragic screaming inclusions. This journey into coldness and darkness will be especially pleasant for fans of the classic Katatonia, as well as Opeth and The Morningside.

1. Echoes Of Winter
2. Grim Light
3. The Darkest Fall
4. Ocean's Tide
5. At The Edge Of Dark
6. Cold
7. Shore Of Discord
8. Forsaken
9. Svart
10. Where Sun Turns To Grey

Veil Of Conspiracy
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Echoes Of Winter
dark metal
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BMM. 097-21
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Wonderbox Metal

Veil of Conspiracy are a melodic metal band from Italy and this is their second album.

The promo blurb states that the 45 minutes of material on Echoes of Winter is for fans of Katatonia, Opeth, and The Morningside, which is a good starting point for Veil of Conspiracy’s sound. I’d also add that fans of bands such as Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Deathwhite, Moonspell, My Dying Bride, and Anathema will find much to like here.

The songs are well-written, offering fans of genre tags such as melancholic metal, old-school doom metal, melodic metal, Gothic metal, and dark metal a feast of enjoyable music. Out of the bands mentioned above Katatonia are probably one of the prime influences, although a range of bands can be heard in Veil of Conspiracy’s professional and engaging sound.

The well-recorded music slips through the airwaves with studied ease. The band know their source influences well, and these songs embrace their musical heritage while still offering a compelling slice of emotive melodic metal in its own right. The music is quite accomplished, with textured melody, rich feeling, and nuanced performances frequently on display.

I like the vocalist’s voice very much, whether he’s singing cleanly or screaming with vigorous passion. Some of the harmonies deployed with the clean singing are particularly affecting, and his voice works well with the rest of the music. The harsh vocals are striking in their juxtaposition with the cleans, their blackened bite adding an extra dimension to the songs when they appear.

I enjoyed this record a great deal. It may wear its influences on its sleeve, but its enthusiasm, passion, and ability for this style of music is undeniable.

Highly recommended.
Algo de Rock

The Italian band Veil of Conspiracy brings us their second album “Echoes of Winter” via Bad MoodMan Music going on sale on August 27th. The band is known as Melancholic Metal, a genre characterized by heavy melodies, an oppressive and languid atmosphere, reminiscent of bands like Katatonia and Opeth, with touches of progressive metal.

This second album is characterized by the use of clean guitars in the picks, the use of a melodic voice alternating with screams and that oppressive atmosphere at all times. They also delight us with changes of rhythm that make us be alert and where the drums take the lead, as in the song “Echoes Of Winter”.

We have details like in the song “Forsaken” where guttural voices appear together with the shouted voice. One of the songs that I like the most is “Ocean’s Tide” where the song takes on one more gear, alternating with slower moments and heavy guitars. Another song that catches my attention is “Svart” where shouting and guttural voices alternate, with an omnipresent drums that set the rhythm and a good guitar solo.

In the song “Where Sun Turns To Gray” the melancholy of the theme reflected in Emanuela’s voice contrasts with the guttural voice that really sounds like Doom. On the contrary, we have certain songs that pass without pain or glory with the feeling that it is more of the same, as in the case of “Shore Of Discord” where the guitar picking is the best or “The Darkness Fall” in which the guitar save the subject.

We are definitely facing an album with a lot of technique in all its instruments and in which the feeling of oppression accompanies you throughout the album, on the contrary sometimes you feel like a little Dejavu on the album since there are songs that are very similar to you. Correct disc that improves the quality of its predecessor but does not finally get you hooked. Only recommended for fans of the Doom genre. All the best.

Author: Aaabbaaathhhh
Breathing the Core

1. Woods of Nevermore:

The song is about a person who desperately tries to take refuge in the woods, but it begins to refuse the human being that’s trying to break its natural balance. So the title came from this refusal.

2. Grim Light:

A dark winter suddenly comes and embraces human faults, hides the light and makes man falls into a whirlwind of coldness and despair.

3. The Darkest Fall:

Man arrives at a point in his life where he looks back to the past and realizes that the only thing left to do is wait for the autumn of his existence, which turns into a cold autumn full of grimness.

4. Ocean’s Tide:

A man contemplates the stormy sea sitting upon a cliff while thinking about all the failures of his past life. He hopes that the tide can redeem him from his mistakes and give him a peaceful death.

5. At the Edge of Dark:

This song is about arriving at the edge of the precipice and falling into the deepest point of desperation, where only death can be a relief.

6. Cold:

The deep sadness of mankind is reflected in nature, bringing coldness, despair and darkness.

7. Shore of Discord:

The main protagonist of the entire song is nature, with its power and its multiple manifestations, which make mankind feel a nothingness in comparison.

8. Forsaken:

Abandoned by the light, man gropes in the dark, wandering aimlessly and feeling completely forsaken by life.

9. Svart:

The song focuses on the darkest and most malevolent representation of nature, in the presence of which man can not help but succumb.

10. Where Sun Turns to Grey:

In this song, nature tries to console man, consumed by sorrow and suffering for the loss of someone loved.

Author: Screamer

Veil Of Conspiracy es una banda proveniente de Italia que se formó en el año 2016, tuve la oportunidad de escuchar hace tiempo su trabajo debut Me, Us and Them (2019) el cual disfrute pero en aquel entonces aún no hacía reseñas y no pude expresar mi opinión de ese trabajo, este próximo 27 de agosto es la fecha en la cual será lanzado al mundo el segundo disco de larga duración de estos italianos el cual lleva por nombre Echoes of Winter.

Bajo el sello discográfico de BadMoodMan Music y Solitude Productions será distribuido Echoes of Winter el cual tiene una duración de 45 minutos divididos en 10 canciones un arte de portada muy bueno, este sin duda es un trabajo donde hay más melodía en cada pieza que la compone, ciertos momentos donde puedes decir que son temas progresivos un álbum que al momento me dejo satisfecho.

Como lo comente anteriormente la melodía melancólica es lo que hace una presencia más notable en esta entrega, este álbum yo lo pudiera clasificar en una rama de black metal por que las vocales son muy apegadas a ese género al igual que los riffs en momentos son fuertes y hacen una buena atmósfera con esas pinceladas de melancolía este trabajo que envuelve desde la primera pieza que es “Woods Of Nevermore” con esa bella melodía que nos brinda la combinación de una voz desgarradora con una sutil uno de los temas que me encantaron de este álbum. “Grim Light” inicia de una manera formidable con una guitarra con acordes acústicos una voz limpia en un tono perfecto un tema que muestra pinceladas de un metal progresivo, gritos desgarradores hacen su presencia constantemente dando ese toque de ferocidad a la pieza.

“The Darkest Fall” es una estructura similar al tema anterior , el solo de guitarra es algo a destacar. “Ocean's Tide” las vocales de Alessandro Sforza es algo sobresaliente tanto de esta pista como las del resto de este álbum. “At the Edge of Dark” es una buena pieza incorpora riffs agresivos, pasajes de momentos acústicos, y las vocales de nuevo vuelven a resaltar de una gran manera, la batería nos muestra unos brotes de intensidad. “Cold” para mi es otra pieza de las que me encantó de este álbum, el doble bombo suena de una gran forma en su inicio la melodía sigue siendo la protagonista tema tras tema. “Shore of Discord” es otro tema relevante de esta entrega, el trabajo en la guitarra se lleva los reflectores.

“Forsaken” retoma un poco la intensidad con un grito lleno de ferocidad al comienzo de este tema, la voz sutil de nuevo te va atrapando poco a poco a ella las guturales realmente son sorprendentes los cambios de tiempo es algo a destacar de esta canción. “Svart” es la pieza más corta de este álbum pero la cual tiene mucha fuerza ya que a diferencia de las otras piezas aquí la voz es 100% gutural, los riffs son más fuertes dejando la melodía y melancolía aun lado. El tema final es “Where the Sun Turns to Grey” un tema muy bueno ahora tenemos la presencia de una voz femenina a dúo con las guturales haciendo un trabajo grandioso, riffs pesados a la orden del día, acordes acústicos que engalanan de gran manera esta pieza , al igual que los teclados que aportan un buen detalla a esta estructura, una forma espléndida de culminar este álbum.

Veil Of Conspiracy no hace una entrega formidable con Echoes of Winter, un trabajo que me dejó satisfecho y que es muy recomendable escuchar, sin duda este álbum en su versión física lo necesito.

Author: Juan Hellbiter
Metal Temple

The Italian band VEIL OF CONSPIRACY – known for a particular genre called Melancholic Metal – has released their second full-length album titled “Echoes of Winter” via Bad Moon Music just this past Friday August 27th. The band was formed in 2016 and has gone through many different musical phases to reach a more mature and defined sound by the time they were ready to release their first full-length “Me, Us, and Them” in 2019, which propelled them to the top of the list of important bands of the progressive metal genre. The “Melancholic Metal” genre they play in is characterized by heavy melodies, oppressive and languid atmosphere, reminiscent of bands like KATATONIA, OPETH, NEVERMORE and SOEN. They represent a unique musical entity within the Italian metal scene, merging the Nordic power of distorted guitars with a special attention to the melody, elegance, and progression while taking great care to craft meaningful and poignant lyrics to go along with such crafted music.

Now, just two years after releasing their debut, VEIL OF CONSPIRACY have used this time off from live shows wisely to come back after a year of being couped up inside to release their second album “Echoes of Winter”, an amalgam of doom, death and black metal with just the right tinge of progressive tendencies to push these genres a little further. Their second album, however, is more characterized by the use of alternating screams and melodic clean vocals and a more present appearance of clean guitars in the mix. The band all got together in their own studio to record their parts and handed off the parts to Stefano Morabito and his 16th Cellar based in Rome to be mixed and mastered. The band has also left Revalve Records and the record is instead being released by Bad Moon Music in partnership with Solitude Productions. The album is a love letter to nature – walking in it, being surrounded in it, etc. – and with the band being particularly appreciative of winter, decided to dedicate their record to it.

While throughout “Echoes of Winter”, VEIL OF CONSPIRACY morphs through many moods and styles, opening track “Woods of Nevermore” prepares the listener with quite the apropos introduction to an extreme metal album with an epic scream. It doesn’t stop there and features some black metal screams among a wash of heavy droning guitars before featuring some almost tender, soft, clean vocals juxtaposing the harsh ones and a truly speed metal worthy guitar solo. Then “Grim Light” is very OPETH featuring the softer, brooding vocals but instead of death metal growls, it’s black metal screams and some creepy, clean guitar arpeggios. Overall it’s more doom metal than any other style though, with a bleakness that usually only achieved with a Nordic metal band. It’s very much an atmospheric album, despite all the genre infusions and really illustrates the coming of winter in a bleak, “wall of sound” kind of way. I found myself getting lost as if buried in snow, but thankfully I won’t get frostbite from the “blanket of snow” kind of sound from this group. They’re not really pushing too many boundaries, but do seem to continue a trend of atmospheric, black metal infused doom metal, a mixture of OPETH, SOEN and Sunn O))) with enough black metal qualities without terrible production.

Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

Author: Mark Machlay

‘Echos Of Winter’ is het tweede album van de Italiaanse band uit Rome, opgericht in 2016 en in onze contreien voorlopig nog “een nobele onbekende”, want dit album is wel een voltreffer en kan deze band zeker wat Vlaamse fans opleveren. De band brengt een heel goede mix van doom, melancholische metal en melodic death metal. Deze Romeinen slagen er wonderwel in om de hardere stukken met agressieve grunts te combineren met melodische arrangementen en cleane zang. Daardoor zullen zowel fans van het hardere werk als deze van het meer melodische werk hier aan hun trekken komen. De zang is prima en zeker de rustiger stukken worden met veel gevoel gezongen wat bij Italiaanse bands al eens durft anders te zijn, het gitaarwerk is af, het drumwerk technisch meer dan oké. De nummers zijn prima gecomponeerd en geproducet, en bovendien zijn er ook wat progressieve elementen aan toegevoegd wat het album toch iets extra’ s geeft. Deze Italianen hebben zeker geluisterd naar de oude Katatonia, Swallow The Sun, Hanging Garden, My Dying Bride en zelfs Opeth want al deze bands hebben zeker hun invloed gehad op dit album. Dit is best een stevig album maar met dit album bewijst Veil Of Conspiracy dat ook in het hardere genre veel plaats is voor melodie, melancholie en ingetogen momenten en hier wordt dit perfect gecombineerd. De luisteraar wordt constant heen en weer geslingerd tussen dromerige, melancholische momenten en agressieve, brutale uithalen maar nooit op een bruuske manier. Een absolute aanrader voor fans van dit genre.

Author: Bart Verlinde
Rock ' N ' Roll Monuments

Οι Ιταλοί VEIL OF CONSPIRACY μετά την κυκλοφορία τού ντεμπούτου τους "Me, Us And Them" το 2019, ξαναχτυπούν με το δεύτερο δημιούργημά τους, που τιτλοφορείτε "Echoes Of Winter" και μας έρχεται από την Solitude Productions/BadMoodMan Music. Έχοντας αλλάξει τραγουδιστή και μπασίστα στην σύνθεση τους, μας ξαναφέρνουν τον χειμώνα.

Το νέο άλμπουμ σε αντίθεση με το ντεμπούτο, δείχνει την ισορροπία, τη βελτίωση του υλικού και τις δεξιότητες των μουσικών, μαζί με την ακεραιότητά του. Πράγματι, αξιέπαινη δουλειά και δημιουργία γενικότερα. Dark metal υψηλών προδιαγραφών. Η τέλεια παραγωγή υπογραμμίζει όλες τις μουσικές αποχρώσεις που πραγματεύονται οι VEIL OF CONSPIRACY και τη διάθεση του άλμπουμ.

Η μίξη και το mastering έγινε στο 16th Cellar Studio από τον Stefano Morabito. Το εξώφυλλο και το logo της μπάντας επιμελήθηκε η Gogo Melone ART που επίσης μας χαρίζει την υπέροχη φωνή της στο "Where Sun Turns To Grey".
Εμπνευσμένο από τον ατελείωτο χειμώνα που σκοτεινιάζει την κρίση των θνητών, το "Echoes Of Winter" μοιάζει και αυτό με ένα ατελείωτο ταξίδι. Δεν υπάρχει αδύναμη στιγμή στο άλμπουμ! Η ατμόσφαιρα της απόγνωσης και του κενού τονίζεται όχι μόνο από τις αρμονικές ερμηνείες των μουσικών με υπέροχα ριφ και βαθιά σόλο κιθάρας.
Τονίζεται και από τα καθαρά μελαγχολικά φωνητικά που αλλάζουν σε τραγικές κραυγές. Είναι σκισμένα εκεί που πρέπει για να εκφράσουν την απόγνωση, την εγκατάλειψη, τον θυμό.

Αυτό το ταξίδι στο κρύο και το σκοτάδι του χειμώνα θα είναι ιδιαίτερα ευχάριστο για τους λάτρεις των κλασικών Katatonia, καθώς των Opeth και The Morningside.

Author: Μιχάλης Κοράκης
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