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Fading Waves / Starchitect - SplitCD (CD)

post metal, Slow Burn Records, Slow Burn Records
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The first release of post rock/metal label Slow Burn Records is a split of two young bands Fading Waves and Starchitect. This CD demonstrates to a listener two side of post-metal genre: airiness and reverie by Russian band Fading Waves on the one hand and on the other hand, - hardness and severity mixed with refinement by Ukrainian band Starchitect. This CD will become a gem in every collection: the booklet is embossed with gold, and the CD has pit-art and is gold-plated.

1 Rush Hour 1:29
2 Megapolis Depression 5:12
3 Lights On Water 7:01
4 Forever Closed 1:22
5 No Way Home 7:44
6 Flows 6:03
7 Waiting For End 2:09
8 Beauty Of Sin 5:39
9 No It 8:06
10 Home 1:41
11 Triumph (The Right Way) 4:08
12 Things, Happenings, People, Sadness 5:41

Fading Waves / Starchitect
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post metal
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Slow Burn Records
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BURN 001-10
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Let’s start with Fading Waves, The guy behind this calls the music post-metal, whatever that means. I just hear a combination between, acoustic picking, some heavy riffing, sometimes these are separated, and sometimes they are integrated with one and another. Heavy at times, mournful at times, sometimes both. Occasionally I hear some growls. I don’t really know about this, the epithet post-metal makes me cringe. It sort of feels Doomish with some acoustic stuff here and there. I would not call this the evolution of Metal.
Starchitect, another band described with the post-hyphen-prefix. This time both Metal and Hardcore. And sure it sort of feel like a combination of what I described Fading Waves’ music as and Hardcore-esque music with a bit more groove. But I don’t like it and once again the epithet makes me cringe because I dislike false advertising and I especially dislike people who think they are doing something unique because they are deluded and often pretentious assholes with no sense of reality that lives in a make believe world were their imagined problems are real. Fuck I hate people!

Author: Mordant
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