Doomed - 6 Anti-Odes To Life (CD) Digipak

death doom metal, Solitude Productions
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Шестой альбом немецкой команды, воплотивший в себе все лучшие черты Doomed. При этом, уменьшив death metal и progressive элементы и замедлив музыку, группа создала эпичное полотно, наполненное больше меланхолией, чем обычной для неё яростью. Монументальный doom death metal от Doomed заиграл новыми красками, сияющими тёмным светом. И снова запись украсили приглашённые музыканты, добавившие альбому уникальности в его звучание. И снова – крайне лимитированный шестипанельный диджипак, с концептуальным постером-буклетом и вкладышем, включающим автографы музыкантов.

1 The Doors
2 Aura
3 Touched
4 Our Gifts
5 Reason
6 Insignificant
7 Layers (Ode To Life)

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6 Anti-Odes To Life
death doom metal
Compact Disk
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Limited to 200 copies
Solitude Productions
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SP. 134-18D
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The Median Man

The Doors starts things off, with a heavy rattling riff, a pounding snarling vocal and a slow menacing rhythm. Aura begins with an acoustic intro that fits well within the overall tempo and theme of the song, a snarling and epic vocal line is mixed with the distorted heaviness of the guitars. Touched snarls and dances across the board. Our Gifts is melodic, dark and brooding.

Reason begins with the Gregorian Chant before moving into slower, heaviness, grit and destruction. Insignificant is clean, minor and erratic. Layers shifts, turns and starts, bringing the album to a fitting close.

Author: medianman19
Doomed to Darkness

Doomed are a band from Germany that has been featured before in this zine and plays an atmospheric form of doom/death metal and this is a review of their 2018 album "6 Anti Odes To Life" which will be released on June 22nd by Solitude Productions.

A very slow, dark and heavy sound starts off the album while clean playing can also be heard at times along with the riffs also bringing in a great amount of melody as well as the solos and leads bring done in a very melodic style and the vocals also utilize a great amount of death metal growls.

Clean vocals can also be heard at times while grim screams when they are utilized bring in a touch of black metal along with most of the tracks being very long and epic in length as well as one track also introducing spoken word parts onto the recording, at times the music gets very atmospheric and when the music finally speeds up a small amount of blast beats can also be heard and the closing track is an instrumental.

Doomed creates another recording that remains true to the atmospheric doom/death metal style of previous releases, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover darkness, depression and suicide themes.

In my opinion this is another great sounding album from Doomed and if you are a fan of atmospheric doom/death metal, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Aura" and "Insignificant".

Author: OccultBlackMetal
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