Frailty - Lost Lifeless Lights (CD+DVD)

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Solitude Productions presents a debut album of the first Latvian doom/death band Frailty. "Lost Lifeless Lights" - rigid, bright and technical music in the vein of European doom death metal school (My Dying Bride, Anathema, Mourning Beloveth), with dark metal influences, which makes the band’s sound very original and fresh. All this makes Frailty one of the best bands of a Baltic heavy scene. The first 200 copies of the album contain Bonus DVD with performance at “Shadow Doom Fest” in "Shade" Club in Moscow.

CD-1 Intro
CD-2 I Know Your Pain
CD-3 Ariadne
CD-4 The River Of Serpents
CD-5 Graphics In Ebony
CD-6 The Fall Of Eve
CD-7 A Summer To Die
CD-8 The Scorn
CD-9 Lūgšana
DVD-1 Intro
DVD-2 Fall Of Eve
DVD-3 The River Of Serpents
DVD-4 Ariadne
DVD-5 I Know Your Pain
DVD-6 Scorn
DVD-7 Graphics In Ebony

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Lost Lifeless Lights
dark doom death
Jewel Case
Solitude Productions
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SP. 019-08D
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The Pit of the Damned

Ed eccomi, stavolta, a parlare di una band in circolazione da 7 anni, nella lontana (ma non tanto) Lettonia: l'album che mi accingo ad illustrare risale al 2008, il loro primo full-lenght. Le tematiche sono concentrate prevalentemente sulla morte e la spiritualità, con qualche accenno alla mitologia. L'intro sembra preparare l'ascoltatore ad un viaggio nelle profondità dell'animo umano avvalendosi di suoni distorti e caotici: “I Know Your Pain” e “The River of Serpents” ricalcano perfettamente il sound del doom/death, con suoni pesanti e lenti, esprimendo al meglio il messaggio di dolore e malinconia che traspare dai testi. Batteria e chitarra ripetono lo stesso motivo, mentre verso la fine lasciano spazio a note di pianoforte, in modo tale da accrescere il pathos. “Ariadne” è più veloce e meno pesante, mentre Martins alle voci, viene accompagnato da Edmunds nei ritornelli, dando così l'impressione di solennità per questa ode ad una fanciulla perduta; persino l'assolo di chitarra illustra molto bene il peso della perdita, coadiuvata anche dalle appena percettibili tastiere. Si torna alle atmosfere cupe ed introverse con “Graphics in Ebony”, dove il growling si alterna ad una voce melodica e grave, con un'atmosfera, oserei dire, magica ed eterea: è solo dalla metà in poi che il tono diventa più demoniaco (o forse dovrei dire pseudo-isterico), ma senza mai perdere la vena doom/death che li caratterizza fin dal principio. “The Fall of Eve” segue lo stile della precedente, ma con un timbro più melodico, mentre con “A Summer to Die” il cantato ricalca le precedenti song, provvedendo a curare il ritornello in modo tale da renderlo anche canticchiabile ed orecchiabile (senza mai cadere nel commerciale più blando). La malinconia più nera fa da sfondo per “The Scorn”, il brano più longevo di tutto l'album; tocchi di pianoforte introducono una chitarra distorta e una batteria pacata, con la voce più greve che Martins possa mai trovare. Sebbene all'inizio il motivo sia lento, a poco a poco inizia a pigiare sull'acceleratore, con los screaming selvaggio e un loop chitarra/batteria a ripetersi, sottolineando la solennità della morte; si torna poi alla lentezza dell'inizio, come una sorta di mare scuro con blande onde che si sgonfiano sulla battigia in un momento di totale tristezza e desolazione, in cui persino il cantante pare fatichi a parlare. La song prosegue e si conclude con un assolo di chitarra molto suadente, quasi ad aver esaurito tutte le forze. Con la cover dei Monro, “Lugsana” si conclude l'album: un ottimo brano per finire in bellezza un viaggio all'interno del doom/death lettone, che nulla ha da invidiare ad altre band maggiori o più conosciute. Per chi volesse esplorare il metal proveniente da stati “neonati”, questa è un'occasione da non perdere.

Author: Samantha Pigozzo
Global Metal Network

Hailing from the Baltic state of Latvia, Doomed Death Metallers Frailty sizzle the electronics in the CD player with both their 'Self-Titled EP' (2009) and their second EP 'Silence Is Everything' (201o). Dressing in a sort of military style, Frailty is one of Latvia's promising acts and a sure hit-to-be in the UK. Sounding similar to Impending Doom, the sextet are ready to rumble and are sure to rock some more socks in the process, so maybe in the end, it is not true that 'Silence Is Everything'.

Deaf Sparrow

Frailty’s Lost Lifeless Lights pulls together a number of styles, but gothic metal reigns supreme. Is it possible this band name wasn't already selected? You'd expect it listed as Fraility (insert country abbreviation) in Metallum. At any rate, this basically sounds like gothic metal (insert band name). Lost Lifeless Lights pulls out the usual. Symphonics, epic guitars, and a wide variety of singing, everything from death metal to throat-tearing screeches. It's pretty standard. Lots of hooks, moments where the keyboards shine, operatic singing, the gothic metal bag has been dipped into once again along with black sweaters for the band photos. If you're into that sort of thing, you'll probably like it, otherwise look elsewhere.

Author: Arkus
Forgotten Path

What do you know about the Latvian doom metal scene? The true is that both Latvian and Lithuanian Doom Metal - is still weak. I can’t believe that this band from Latvia with their debut work could sound similar and as professional and original as Doom Metal, for example, from the UK. Though I must say that when I heard this work, the Latvian metal scene had lifted quite high. Why am I talking about this work like it’s something wonderful and unbelievably great? Because this album is truly unbelievably great. Ok, maybe we don’t have the most original work, but we should remember that this is from Latvia. This is not just a new My Dying Bride full-length. This is not a new side of Candlemass, but I’m sure it could be.
I remember that boring evening in 2008, when I turned the new Frailty album on. I had been waiting for this work for a long time, but when I began to listen to it, I easily forgot that this was our neighbor from Latvia. The highly professional level, interesting compositions, even on the intro I could imagine that this is going to be much better than I would have thought. The most important thing here is that the music is really involving and memorable. Every melody here could become a business card for the whole of Death/Doom Metal. Songs from this album don’t relinquish for me even after a whole year already. I was walking through the street and suddenly the melody from this album came to my mind. I thought: “Hmm… What I’m thinking about, what is the song, which band is playing it?”, but I didn’t remember, just the melody, which didn’t leave my mind. I know this is not something new, but I never remember something from the Baltic States’ music and this effect here is as strange as crocodile in the microwave.
As I’ve said in the beginning, the technical side here is just perfect, diverse too. Probably the biggest plus is that the band has a formula on how to create Doom Metal. No other band in Latvia has as many good melodies and these great vocals on every song. I can compare it with Heaven Grey from their country and Frailty will win this competition. Why? As I’ve said they have a formula and the music is created by the best Doom Metal standards - they don’t forget the really high professional side. The two vocal styles with the melodic parts and all other required components. Is it bad? In the beginning I thought that this was cheating or something that I just don’t like, but let’s think clearly. Many bands play low quality music and have their own ideas, but this is not interesting, because the technical side suffers. So is it a bad idea to harmonize an original concept with strong, but not so original music, especially when in your country nobody else plays like that? I don’t think so.
To sum up, this debut work was something really huge. I can enjoy every song on this album. Moreover, the music is too varied to become boring, the ideas are too good to say that this had no good thoughts in writing it. This was, I think, the best debut in the Doom Metal scene from the Baltic States ever. Everything else that I take from my neighbors and Lithuania sounds like Childs play in kindergarten. I’m not happy to say, but the second work of the band was much worse than this and perhaps they will never create anything like this again, so to this wonderful debut and professional doom let’s raise a glass and r egret, that Lithuania has nothing like this.
Maelstorm #65

Lost Lifeless Lights won't exactly make you want to slash your wrists, but it is a nice example of doom metal. The harmonies, melodies, vocals and even lyrics obviously belong to the My Dying Bride school of thought, and everything is done with care and a sense of relaxed expectation.

It doesn't disappoint, as the time spent in listening to this Latvian band's debut isn't a waste. But, after time passes, what happens is a similar thing to so many albums nowadays: It isn't as memorable as it should have been. All the parts are strong, no fillers, but it's just that you've heard most of them before. Yet, Frailty still has a capacity to surprise, and on what is, in essence, an average album, there are a few inspired moments where you might even start to feel something, like on the 11-minute last track (not counting the bonus Monro cover song), The Scorn, where a long introspective moment makes you wonder if you have perhaps missed something equally thrilling before. But you didn't, or at least not much.

Still, Lost Lifeless Lights could have benefited from more inspired moments. As it is, it's a promising debut, solid, good sounding, but in the long run you'll probably be skipping it in favor of more original bands.

Author: Mladen Škot
Atmosfear Magazine

Признаться давно я не слышал думовых групп с прибалтийских земель, и надо сказать у команды FRAILTY есть все шансы стать лидерами жанра у себя в стране. Дебютный альбом этой латвийской группы, наверняка порадует всех любителей старой школы doom/death metal’a. Местами материал "Lost Lifeless Lights" напоминает таких корифеев жанра как MOURNING BELOVETH, такая же мрачная и холодная атмосфера на протяжении всего альбома. На революцию в жанре конечно альбом "Lost Lifeless Lights" не тянет, однако данный диск займёт достойное место в вашей коллекции. Первые 200 копий альбома содержат дополнительный DVD диск, включающий в себя видео-запись выступления группы FRAILTY в Москве в рамках фестиваля Shadow Doom Fest, так что всем коллекционерам советую поторопиться.

Author: Costas
Doom Mantia

Ok this is a two in one review of Fraility's "Lost Lifeless Lights" album and their new untitled EP.The album for those who have never heard the band isn't your usual run of the mill Doom stuff.The mixture of influences are wide ranging which while it makes it a interesting listen,it also makes the band sound a little un-defined in places.From Traditional Doom Metal,Funeral Doom,Blackened Death Doom to Gothic styled Rock they cover a lot of ground.The album starts off with a spaced out droning intro before heading in all sorts of directions and sounds.The production is superb,beautifully recorded by Gints Lundbergs who i don't know much about but the guy obviously knows what he is doing.There is Funeral Doom moments like in the track "The River Of Serpents" and then you have more mid-tempo passages as in the track "Graphics In Ebony".There is a lot of Gothic overtones throughout the album due to the use of keyboards but for the most part its pretty heavy stuff. Vocalist Mārtiņš Lazdāns does a good job of putting across the feeling of sadness and despair and with the raw guitar sound backing everything up,it makes for some solid music.The closest comparison would have to be " My Dying Bride ",its pretty Gothic but with enough darkness to please the average Doom Head.The undefined sound can be a little confusing at times,are they Gothic or are they Traditional Doom.Well actually they are both,its a somber recording full of emotion,great players though and beautifully produced.
Dark City #46

Первая половина 90x: царствование английской дум/дэт-дисапоры My Dying Bride, Anathema и Paradise Lost. 15 лет спустя: латвийская формация Frailty пытается в одиночку повторить успех великой троицы и вернуть классике стиля былой блеск. В их арсенале - более продвинутые технологии звукоизвлечения и звукозаписи, а также полуторадесятилетний багаж мировых наработок в этом жанре. Результат впечатляет и своей эмоциональностью, и сочностью саунда; вот только не заметно, что группа готова сказать что-то и от себя лично, внеся индивидуальный вклад в сокровищницу дум/дэта.

Author: Ан.К.

Pas si éloigné de nous en fait et pourtant semble-t-il à des années-burosse de la Terre (comme on disait dans ‘Objectif Nul’), la scène doom russe et balte bourgeonne pourtant comme la braguette d’un jeune puceau devant le visionnage de son premier film de cul. Or ô toi métalleux qui connaît mieux la géographie norvégienne que celle des Vosges mais qui est sûrement incapable de pointer du doigt sur une carte la petite Lettonie, sache que cette petite nation à quelques encablures de la Finlande, dont la seule exportation métallique à ce jour étaient les joueurs de biniou en sandales de Skyforger, a désormais son groupe de doom/death attitré, Frailty, dont le premier album échoue très logiquement sur Solitude Productions, label de la patrie de Vladimir ‘il faut aller les buter jusque dans les chiottes’ Poutine dont le catalogue à 98% russe et balte œuvre discrètement pour la cause depuis quelques années. Hélas, les amateurs d’exotique en seront pour leur frais avec ce ‘Lost Lifeless Lights’. Car à part une reprise en bout de course d’un titre (en Letton !) d’un artiste inconnu par ici (Monro), ces origines sont plus à chercher du côté… De l’Irlande !

Les flyers ont beau essayer de se la jouer tradi’ à mort en invoquant les éternels Anathema et autres My Dying Bride, cela ne fait pas un pli : Frailty a fait ses classes en révisant avec acharnement les albums de Mourning Beloevth. Si niveau riff, on a limite plus droit ici à un groupe de death mélodique faisant une fixette sur des tempos pas forcément lysergiques mais en tous cas mesurés qu’à un groupe de pur doom, sa tactique d’approche est elle très, très largement calquée sur celles de nos doomsters européens préférés, avec quelques nappes de clavier en plus. Prenez donc un chanteur/grogneur sachant alterner grognements et murmures, le tout saupoudré (d’une pincée, histoire de pas trop chahuter) de chant clair, ainsi qu’une guitare rythmique répétant le même riff lourd sans non plus qu’il soit trop traînard. Rajoutez par-dessus un soliste dont les entrelaces mélodiques sont bien mis en avant et tissent des lignes simples et accrocheuses et répétez le tout huit fois. D’ailleurs, si le début de « The River Of Serpents » ne vous rappelle pas celle, sublime, de « Mountains Are Mine » de ‘Dust’ (2001), je veux bien aller danser la gigue en kilt avec le Prince de Lu à son prochain festnoz…

Sauf que tout téléphonée qu’elle soit, cette formule a au moins le mérite de l’efficacité. Plutôt que de tomber dans le doom/gothic gnangnan ou de nous endormir en essayant de battre les records de lenteur qui semble être hélas la source de motivation de la grosse majorité des groupes de funeral doom, Frailty est revenu au source du doom/death et s’est appliqué à en maîtriser les dynamiques de base. Et vu qu’à l’image du très beau et sobre livret, le tout s’ébat librement grâce à une prod’ puissante et limpide qui n’a rien à envier à celles du continent, cette invitation à une petite balade le long des berges brumeuses de Riga les soirs de pleine lune mérite que l’on s’y penche, exotisme ou pas…

Author: Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin

Не только в дудки дудят и топорами с мечами игрушечными машут под злобное блэковое жужжание на балтийском побережье! Опечалились латыши и выдали на-гора Doom металл, отдающий средиземноморским душком.

Простоватый и ортодоксальный музыкальный материал по сочинительству, технике и исполнению. Нет, не плохо сыграно, а простовато, и ни шага в сторону от канонов жанра. Все достаточно четко исполнено (дает о себе знать опыт музыкантов с 2003 года) и сведено, разве, что чистый практически не музыкальный мужской голос этак патетично и ни к селу ни к городу покрикивает что-то на английском языке, неясно проявляясь и исчезая в сочном гроуле. Ищут они оба (голоса) и не могут найти грусть и печаль парня лет двадцати… Иногда слушателя пугает этакий садистский злобный и нечеловеческий недоскрим – это получилось, пожалуй по крайней мере эмоционально ярко.

Две гитары исполняют достаточно прямолинейные и по большинству одинаковые партии (а зачем играть одно и то же на двух инструментах!?), разделяясь немного на акустике и в мелодик-блэк-десовом ускорении. Соло-партии отсутствуют как класс.

Дань уважения группой в полной мере отдана незабвенным Tiamat, Neolithic, Paradise Lost, Rotting Christ, старому Septic Flesh etc. Последняя композиция являет собой ковер на песню некоей группы-«односельчан» – Monro, благодаря которому (коверу) эта группа вероятно и получит порцию известности.

Думаю, прослушать данный диск и не пожалеть можно, но вот вынести что-то надолго, а тем более, перенять или научиться чему-то, просто не получится, ибо нечего и нечему (при условии, что с Doom Death Metal сценой Вы знакомы не понаслышке).

Author: Valentii
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