Revelations Of Rain (Откровения Дождя) - Акрасия (Akrasia) (CD)

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The long-awaited fifth album by the masters of gloomy doom death metal from Moscow suburbs is ready to please listeners by traditional features and members from the classical band line-up. The term "traditional sound Revelations of Rain" hides thoughtful compositions, unique melodies, darkness and atmosphere. However, the trend towards harsher sound distinguishes "Akrasia" among the early band albums. One of the brilliant representatives of Russian doom death metal scene once again presents another masterpiece confirming their high status.

1 Алтарь Блудниц 8:54
2 Сквозь Ночь Фобетора 6:46
3 Эшафот 8:28
4 В Грусти и Радости 9:08
5 Вместо Тысячи Слов 7:20
6 Демоны Милосердия 6:16
7 Корень Всех Бед 6:09
8 На Снежных Крыльях 7:19

Revelations Of Rain (Откровения Дождя)
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Акрасия (Akrasia)
dark doom death
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 118-16
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Eine Schwermetallbombe aus Death Metal und vor allem Doom schmeißen uns REVELATIONS OF RAIN um die Ohren. Besonders hervorzuheben sind hierbei “Through Phobetor’s Night” und “Demons Of Mercy” , die sich zäh wie Lava aus den Boxen quälen, um dann unaufhaltsam wie eine Lawine alles platt zu walzen. Ultratief gestimmte Gitarren, brummende Bässe, Drums, die man in der Magengrube spürt. James Begleys grunzend-krächzender Gesang paßt dabei wie die Faust aufs Auge, und ist mehr als nur eine Betonung der düsteren Atmosphäre, die sich über das gesamte Album zieht. Wer nach dem offensiven Anfang mit “Altar Of Whores” und dem bereits erwähnten “Through Phobetor’s Night” ein wenig den Faden verliert, sollte vielleicht die Stücke einzeln anwählen; vor allem das ruhige “Instead Of A Thousand Words”. “Akrasia” hat seine Klasse und verfügt auch über großartige Songs, wobei man sich aber in das Album reinarbeiten muss. Den Abschluß bildet “On Snow Wings” was in der Kombination Death/Doom auch wunderbar funktioniert – und darüber hinaus noch mal mehr als deutlich macht, dass sich die Band in keine vorgefertigten Schemata und Schubladen hineinzwängen lässt.

Author: Thomas Müller
Third Eye Cinema

Likeably melodic gothic doom act out of Russia. Takes many of the elements that work from bands like Paradise Lost, My Silent Wake and My Dying Bride, but marry them to a less…dark? Grim?…sound.

So if you took a more…I hesitate to say “upbeat”, but certainly less funereally moribund approach to bands akin to the aforementioned, possibly marrying in a hint of the vastness of scope you get from countrym(a)n Frozen Ocean and tagging in the melodicism of Karelian Isthmus-era Amorphis, you’d have something similar to this.

Production’s good, sound works quite well for them. I liked it.
Wonderbox Metal

Revelations of Rain are a doom/death metal band from Russia. This is their fifth album.

This is music with a richly melodic streak running through it. Taking influence from the classic old-school doom/death bands in the 90s, the band pump out 8 tracks of heavy, emotive metal, full of dark colour and deep impression.

Delivered with a traditional authenticity for this kind of music, Revelations of Rain know a thing or two about how to play doom/death at this point in their careers. Their formula sticks to the classic template and has been refined over the years to the point where the songs on Akrasia will resonate with any fan of the style quite loudly.

The songs are written with a clear love of the genre and the band handle pacing and dynamics well. Although they play on the slower side of the tempo spectrum for a lot of the time, they allow themselves to speed things up a bit when necessary, avoiding an overdose of one type of delivery for too long.

I’d describe this as gloomy-but-colourful. The band have the requisite doom and gloom aspects of the style in spades, but due to the rampant melodies that they frequently employ there’s also a wealth of colour and brightness in addition to the darkness. These two sides of the music manage to not compete with each other too, for the most part. Rather, the doom misery forms the backbone of the music while the melodies sit atop this base, lashing out with bright arcs of liquid light, it seems. The doom is always there, of course, waiting patiently, eventually swallowing the light like black hole. The darkness and gloom always wins eventually, as is the way with Akrasia.

There’s more than enough light and shade, calm reflection and violent explosion to be had on Akrasia that the entire thing is a compelling listen. I also like how a lot of the lead guitars seem to be almost telling a story with their winding melodies and engaging delivery. Very nice.

There’s 60 minutes of music to be explored and experienced on this release, with each spin of the album revealing more to like and enjoy in their work. The dark atmospheres that the band foster and spread are easily absorbed, but there’s a depth to them that is not so easily penetrated in one listen. Take the time to let the music seep into your pores. It’s well worth it.

Akrasia is a quality release that’s extremely enjoyable. If you like your doom with roaring vocals, plenty of melody and a solid core of darkness then Revelations of Rain play the style better than most.

Highly recommended.

Revelations Of Rain are a band from Russia that plays a very atmospheric and melodic form of funeral doom/death metal and this is a review of their 2016 album “Akrasia” which was released by Solitude Productions.

Acoustic guitars start off the album along with some melodic leads a few seconds later and after a minutes death metal growls make their presence known on the recording and the music also starts getting more atmospheric while also mixing both clean and heavy parts together and spoken word parts are also used at times.

A great amount of melody can be heard in the guitar riffing and the vocals also add in black metal screams and when the music speeds up a decent amount of tremolo picking and blast beats can be heard while the slow riffing is mostly in a doom metal direction and most of the tracks are very long and epic in length and there is also a brief use of whispers.

Revelations Of Rain plays a style of funeral doom that is very atmospheric and melodic while also being heavily influenced by death and black metal, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Paganism and Death themes.

In my opinion Revelations Of Rain are a very great sounding atmospheric and melodic funeral doom/death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE “Altar Of Whores” “In Joy And Sorrow” and “Root Of All Evil”.

Author: OccultBlackMetal
Don’s Metal Reviews

Still exploiting their melancholy vibes, Russian melodic doom/death metallers Откровения Дождя, romanized as Revelations of Rain, continue to bring the anguish, atmosphere and power that has remained at the forefront of their sound for over a decade. Coming together after a three-year break, the group finally releases their fifth full-length album October 24, 2016 on powerhouse label Solitude Productions.

There’s very little reinvention going on throughout this album, and that tends to be one of it’s more impressive marks as it’s focused on their previous works. Continuing forth with an epic grandeur, the album is backed with crushing, monolithic riffing that’s slow, deep and immensely heavy which allows the band to effortlessly shift to varying stylistic approaches without losing their own identity. Utilizing the agonized, lethargic sprawling tempos for the vast majority of their tactical style and then balancing that out with sections of light atmospheric trinkling that showcases a fine melodic bent alongside fiery, up-tempo sections containing the band putting a lot more energetic and riffier segments of more melodic death metal elements getting introduced which really completes the whole dynamic on display. The fact that this one manages to stay on course throughout here without really deviating too much from their standard sound as this one manages to go for a wide range of gloom-infused melancholic doom/death featuring the fine melodies, haunting riff-work and simply crushing patterns that make up the majority of this one that are wholly impressive in their delivery and execution which really helps this one generate quite a large amount of positives over the one low-riding flaw to be found here. This one is exceptionally overlong and really does manage to feel it’s length as it’s quite weighty during various segments in here. It’s not necessarily a detrimental effort, but it’s still noticeable.

Although it gets too weighty and lengthy at times for its own good, the fact that this is still a highly impressive and completely crushing effort which really works nicely here in regards to the genre so that all fans of their past works or melancholic doom metal are encouraged to take notice of this one.

Author: gorelord84
The Killchain

This awesome release has slipped me by entirely until now, and when I have to be reminded to check it out by a friend, I feel bad. The bands of Russia seem to have a talent for epic and intensely miserable death/doom, and Revelations of Rain are no exception. ‘Akrasia’ is the fifth record from these folks, and it is an hour of crushing melancholy.

Opener ‘Altar of Whores’ is a grey, foggy monstrous piece of doom, laced with dashes of My Dying Bride-esque drama and melancholy. Like all good death/doom, ‘Akrasia’ aches with a stunning mix of the slow, grinding riffs and a lonely roar permeates the gloom. Subtle melodies gloss the insides of a track like ‘Scaffold’, and a mournful lurch in the gloriously miserable ‘Root of All Evil’ is a grey, sobering highlight. Revelations of Rain suck all of the best parts of Winter, and Swallow the Sun to create an album that looms in the dark, mysterious and cyclopean in stature.

It’ll be sad if this record disappears under the radar; for fans of crushing doom that positions monstrous roars over vast riffs, ‘Akrasia’ will tick all those boxes. Russia has brought us some great metal recently, and Revelations of Rain is another addition to that. As vast and as cold and bleak as the Siberian forest.

Es ist für die Russen das fünfte Album. Und das klingt auch schon nach Hand und Fuß, nach durchdachten Arrangements. Die Band aus der Region um Moskau hat auf diesem Album acht Tracks abgelegt, die zwischen sechs und neun Minuten für einen Durchlauf benötigen. Und sie haben einiges zu sagen, können sich im Doom anspruchsvoll behaupten. Einen sehr entspannt leisen Beginn wurde für „In Joy And Sorrow“ (kein HIM-Cover) gewählt, das sich aber schnell wieder im bekannten Soundkostüm einwiegt, in dem immer eine gewisse Traurigkeit mitschwingt. Neben den sich aufdrängenden Depressionen, in denen man sich baden möchte, sind die knusprig tiefen Growls die derbste Zutat auf diesem Rundling. Über weite Strecken tun sich die Gitarren melodisch und unverzerrt kund, selbst die Leadgitarre kann alleine schon ganze Geschichten erzählen. Auf jeden Fall cooles Material zum Zuhören, das den Spannungsbogen hält.

Author: Joxe Schaefer
Lords of Metal

Always fun band names such as Откровения Дождя and then also the album title and the entirebooklet in Cyrillic writing and no accompanying bio. After some searching the band name apparently means Revelations Of Rain in English and the album title ‘Akrasia’. Given the fact Solitude Productions released the album it will most probably harbour some form of doom. And that is the case, indeed. Melodic death doom with a heavy grunt and from time to time drumming that is very up-tempo for this sort of music and reminds me a bit of Ophis. The kind of death doom the band showcases has been done to death by others. Well executed but it doesn’t stick. A-dime-a-dozen case. Yes, also the world of doom is overpopulated.

Author: Marcel H.

Это уже пятый менее чем за десять лет альбом подмосковного коллектива Doom/Death Metal, и вполне очевидно, что с каждым новым своим релизом группа развивается, создавая вполне достойные образцы жанра. Конечно, сильной стороной группы являются интересные глубокие тексты, и тот факт, что они сделаны на русском языке, позволяет сопоставить их содержание с музыкальным сопровождением. Мне показалось, что группа несколько больше добавила абстрактных красок в свою музыкальную картину, хотя в данном случае я не претендую на истину – возможно, это особенно индивидуального восприятия. Как бы там ни было, но не могу не рекомендовать этот альбом всем сторонникам дум-дэта как достойный образец для пополнения коллекции.

Author: Thrashmentor
Metal Temple

REVELATIONS OF RAIN is a Melodic/Doom Metal band from Moscow, Russia, and was conceived late in the year 2001. The band was put together by Ilya Remizov and Olesya Muromskaya, two members of Gothic Doom/Black Metal band OCEAN OF SORROW. After the band OCEAN OF SORROW sank in the year 2004, the two concentrated their efforts on REVELATIONS OF RAIN and released their debut album called “Marble Tones of Despair”, which had Arsagor, the vocalist of Death/Black Metal band, GREY HEAVEN. In the year 2009 the band changed lead singers and released their second effort, “Revelations of Rain”, with Forside as their vocalist. The year 2010 saw them release their third album, “The Emanation of Hatred”, which featured Ilya Remizov and Vladimir Andreev sharing singing duties. The band had a different line-up when they released their fourth album, “Deceptive Virtue”, and Arsagor was roped in as a guest vocalist. The lead guitar on this album was provided by Yuriy Ryzhov of SHALLOW RIVERS. The band has since said that their latest offering will have elements of Melodic Black Metal and Funeral Doom and they intend to not stick only to the Doom/Death Metal genre.

The first gloomy track is “Alter of Whores”, which begins life with a simple haunting guitar melody and is soon coupled by a wailing guitar lead. Drums join the dismal party and it is almost midway into the first minute when despondent gravelly vocals break through. The melancholic guitar melody continues to usher the song forward all the while intermittently paired with spoken word bits. The song regains its disconsolate vibe during the latter part and it is sorrowfully splendid. “Through Phobetor’s Night” starts off with a plodding mammoth mournful riff that sets the tempo for the rest of the song to live up to. The cavernous vocals make a worthy companion to the downcast and forlorn melody and the second half of the song is reduced to a stagnant sluggish lament. A slow deliberate bass doodle is the origin of “Instead of a Thousand Words” and it is quickly joined by a baleful guitar melody and it adds to the wistfulness of the track. A moody guitar lead along with a sedate drumbeat attaches itself to the melody as it moves along at the speed of a funeral wake. The entirely instrumental track moves at a glacial pace and is quite pleasant to listen to. “Root of All Evil” begins with a lucid melody before a violent riff pushes the song into a cheerless stupor. The song is one of the faster tracks on the album and is as unrelenting as it is aggressive. Doom riffs entwined with Groove elements gives this song a bipolar character. “On Snow Wings” is the last track of the album and it launches out with a Melodic riff before it copulates with evil rasping whispers. A skillful lead guitar solo follows and the melody slows down considerable. The Melodic riff from the beginning is heard again as it guides the song to its demise while gnarly vocals keep it company.

This album is the fifth album of REVELATIONS OF RAIN and it is a revelation indeed. The splendidly gloomy album has eerie riffs and the gravelly vocals add an aura of sheer despondency. Eight tracks of superb Doom/Funeral Metal that are well thought out and dark in nature. There are Melodic parts and Groove riffs that make for the lighter bits of the music, which is otherwise drenched in black and cloaked in grief. Even the quieter simpler melodies have a deep anguished despairing tone to it. This grim album is a must have for Doom/Death Metal fans.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8

Author: VR
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