Evoken - Hypnagogia (2x12'' LP) Gatefold

funeral doom / death metal, Profound Lore Records, Profound Lore Records
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PFL 209 Vinyl
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Known as one of the founding fathers of the American death/funeral doom metal scene, New Jersey's EVOKEN have been a long-standing pillar over the band's 25 year pillage. Their new full-length album "Hypnagogia" is the band's sixth LP, their first in six years since their landmark "Atra Mors" album, and is a towering monolith that develops and redefines the band?s sound that will only strengthen their position within the death/doom metal hierarchy where EVOKEN have always reigned.

"Hypnagogia" is an expression of doom metal artistry where the listener will bear witness how EVOKEN can create a new and even more daring expression with a monument that will be recognized as a landmark. This tends to happen regardless with every EVOKEN release, but "Hypnagogia" sees the band expand their musical dynamics even more through the meticulous care and discrimination of the band's song writing process, "Hypnagogia" being a listening experience through a multitude of varying yet flourishing emotions. Pushing both their penchant for grandiose melodicism and their trademark aura of pulverizing supreme unparalleled heaviness even more, it is the base of this repercussion that makes "Hypnagogia" one of the most intense, compelling, and soul crushing EVOKEN listening experiences yet; one of euphoria, desperation, and hopelessness.

Black Vinyl.

A1 The Fear After
A2 Valorous Consternation
B1 Schadenfreude
B2 Too Feign Ebullience
C1 Hypnagogia
C2 Ceremony Of Bleeding
D1 Hypnopompic
D2 The Weald Of Perished Men

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United States
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funeral doom / death metal
2x12'' LP
Profound Lore Records
Cat No:
PFL 209
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