Atheist - Original Album Collection (4xCD)

technical death metal, Season Of Mist, Season Of Mist
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SOM 461 s
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• Released in quadruple thick jewel case with 16-page booklet. • Info from the back cover: © 2018 Season of Mist ℗ 1990/1991/1993/2010 Atheist Music Inc. • Info from the booklet: [Piece of Time] Recorded and mixed at: Morrisound Recording, Tampa, Florida November December 1988 Mastered by: Mike Fuller at Fullersound, Miami, Florida Front logo illustration and logo created by: Ed Repka Photograph on booklet, page 1 and inlay int. by TimHubbard Remastered by Colin Marston at The Pain Cave [Unquestionable Presence] This album is dedicated to Roger Patterson Recorded at Morrisound, Tampa, FL in 1991 Produced by Atheist and Scott Burns with special thanks to Tom Morris Cover artwork by Justice Mitchell Photos reprinted courtesy of Frank Stover Remastered by Colin Marston at The Pain Cave [Elements] All drums are played by Josh Greenbaum Recorded and mixed at ProMedia Studios in Gainesville, Florida, May 1993 Remastered by Colin Marston at The Pain Cave [Jupiter] Recorded at LedBelly Studios in Atlanta Georgia Mixed at Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando Florida by Jason Suecof / With assistant mixing engineer Ronn Miller Mastered by Alan Douches - West West Side Music / Deko Entertainment Grp Artwork by Eliran Kantor Band photo by Toni Salminen

Piece Of Time
1-1 Piece Of Time
1-2 Unholy War
1-3 Room With A View
1-4 On They Slay
1-5 Beyond
1-6 I Deny
1-7 Why Bother?
1-8 Life
1-9 No Truth
Unquestionable Presence
2-1 Mother Man
2-2 Unquestionable Presence
2-3 Your Life's Retribution
2-4 Enthralled In Essence
2-5 An Incarnation's Dream
2-6 The Formative Years
2-7 Brains
2-8 And The Psychic Saw
3-1 Green
3-2 Water
3-3 Samba Briza
3-4 Air
3-5 Displacement
3-6 Animal
3-7 Mineral
3-8 Fire
3-9 Fractal Point
3-10 Earth
3-11 See You Again
3-12 Elements
4-1 Second To Sun
4-2 Fictitious Glide
4-3 Fraudulent Cloth
4-4 Live And Live Again
4-5 Faux King Christ
4-6 Tortoise The Titan
4-7 When The Beast
4-8 Third Person

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United States
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Original Album Collection
technical death metal
Jewel Case
Season Of Mist
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SOM 461
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8 22603 14612 7
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