Beyond The Darkness - Blind Shadows (CD)

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The album "Blind Shadows" was the result of a nine-year existence of Minsk metal band BEYOND THE DARKNESS. The album was a long way from conception to the result, it took three years and became the first full-length album. The musicians put maximum of mental and physical strength in their long-awaited brainchild. For the band that has existed for such a decent time was important to issue in the world something really worthy. The album does not limit itself in a variety of melodies and rhythmic components, often goes far beyond the claimed style death-doom. There is a change of mood; also attention to the atmospheric elements of music can be traced, different types of extreme vocal in combination with “clean” vocal lines are used. A bright woman's party appeared thanks to the guest participation in the recording of the composition «Buio Omega» vocalist Lesia Gonchar («Gain Over», ex- «Mourning Crimson»). The lyrics touches on philosophical themes, raises key issues and aspects of human existence: love; life and death; if we know ourselves and what we really need; what lead our desires to; what can be considered the reason of existence. The name «Blind Shadows» stresses the paradoxical depths of human ignorance of these the most fundamental topics. All these make the album truly saturated both musically and in terms of its meaning, and interesting for multiple listening. There is, of course, special atmosphere and style. The album "Blind Shadows" is addressed a thoughtful listener. The recording took place at the studio of Dmitry Mikulich. Friends of the band – photographer Maria Shtaniuk and designer Yaroslav Khomchanka worked on the design. Finally the album "Blind Shadows" combined the best works of the last five years of the band and became the result of painstaking work and now the musicians are ready to perform it to wide audience with great pleasure. Released in a jewel case, a 8-page booklet.

1 Across The Mirror
2 Eros & Thanatos
3 Empty Church
4 Avid Hunger
5 Whitchlover
6 Buio Omega
7 Swear
8 Short Story
9 Night Stalkers
10 Fear's Face
11 Payback
12 Wheel of Life

Beyond The Darkness
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Blind Shadows
death doom metal
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