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Forged in 2012 by the guitarists Fredrik Nilsson and Kristian Roupe, black metal force BLOOD OF SERPENTS hail from the deep forests of Småland, Sweden. Spawning two mini releases and one critically acclaimed full length within the six years of existence, BLOOD OF SERPENTS are proud to present their second album, “Sulphur Sovereign”, after years of writing, line-up changes and adversity. “Sulphur Sovereign” is the first offering to feature the drummer Christoffer Andersson and the vocalist Thomas Clifford (Throne of Heresy, Abscession). With the newly recruited assets, the band has taken a decided step into a supreme black metal direction, going at full speed with forceful vocals that rip and roar with equal measure. Mixed with dark melodic guitar works and crushing riffs, Sulphur Sovereign is a full on black metal attack interspersed with atmospheric pieces and haunting melodic parts. Containing ten tracks of genuine Swedish black metal, Blood of Serpents are finally ready to set free the beast — known as Sulphur Sovereign — upon the world. This is a defining moment for the band who has found their true sound in the sphere of accursed black metal. The album is produced by Lars Broddesson (ex-Marduk) and mixed and mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson (Marduk). Amazing Gustave Doréinspired artwork was executed by Khaos Diktator.

1 Mater Tenebris
2 In Darkness, Brotherhood
3 Devil's Tongue
4 Evictor Of Christ
5 As The Temple Burns
6 Canticle
7 As Nocturnal Dimensions Beckon
8 Upon Waters Dark
9 Prophet Of A False Faith
10 A Void Between Worlds

Blood Of Serpents
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Sulphur Sovereign
death thrash metal
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