Mare Infinitum - Cryosleep (CD)

symphonic doom death metal, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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The long-awaited third album of MARE INFINITUM, "Cryosleep", opens a new chapter of creativity for the band. Released seven years after the brilliant "Alien Monolith God", this new opus stays true to the well-recognized elements of their style, while at the same time diversifying their musical palette in exciting new ways. The monumental, symphonic, and epic material is not only broad in mood, but also pushes the boundaries of doom death metal, presenting it as a truly dignified art. Bright and ambitious arrangements, magnificent vocals, and flawless musical performances come together to make "Cryosleep" a work that should one day be considered a landmark of the genre.

1. Your Final Bow
2. The Flight Of No Return
3. Event Horizon
4. Cryosleep
5. Celestial Escapist

Mare Infinitum
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symphonic doom death metal
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This is the third album from Russian doom metal band Mare Infinitum.
Cryosleep contains 47 minutes of epic symphonic doom metal, although these simple words don’t really do the music here sufficient justice. Mare Infinitum’s style takes a base of death/doom and then builds on this with lavish orchestration and operatic depth. This is not your typical death/doom though, and the album is more akin to a banquet of extraordinary epic operatic metal than anything else – it frequently ventures into bombastic symphonic power metal territories, for example, (think Therion and Nightwish). However, whatever genre tags you apply, the simple fact remains that Cryosleep is a remarkable album.
The heavily symphonic and grandiose material is exquisitely rendered in three-dimensional colour that’s vivid and expansive. The music is ambitious and accomplished, with sterling performances from everyone involved. The singing and the guitar leads/solos deserve special mention, although to be honest I could say that about every musician’s output here. Cryosleep is a huge and majestic affair, and is of high quality throughout.
The songs are well-written and arranged. They’re filled with emotion and atmospheric feeling. Highly melodic, surprisingly catchy and memorable, and packed with sumptuous content that is rich and satisfying, Cryosleep is a very strong album. Something like this could so easily have disappeared into its own bubble of self-importance. Instead, we get an album of power and potency that exudes quality and presence.
The music drips with emotion and offers a luscious journey into extravagance that reveals just as much substance as its obvious style. Mare Infinitum are very talented, and Cryosleep is a huge win.
Essential listening for fans of epic orchestral metal.

Terzo album e terzo passo in avanti per i russi Mare Infinitum, band dotata della rara dote di saper progredire ed evolvere il proprio stile senza minimamente snaturarsi. La crescita maggiore va attribuita all’uso delle voci che, se nel debutto erano il tallone d’Achille in quanto rappresentate dal solo growling, mentre nel successivo “Alien Monolith God” l’entrata della voce potente e pulita di Ivan Guskov aveva reso il tutto maggiormente dinamico, ecco che “Cryosleep” alza ulteriormente l’asticella, con cori operistici in grado di dare pathos ed epicità alle composizioni. È proprio questo continuo intreccio di voci ad espandere emotivamente i brani, sorretti dalla consueta base lenta ai limiti del funeral doom, dove l’oscura chitarra disegna riff ricchi di desolazione e le tastiere donano maggior respiro ai pezzi, soprattutto durante le parti liriche e corali, veramente da brividi. Cinque lunghi brani per circa quarantacinque minuti di musica, minuti che sembrano volare, grazie ad arrangiamenti che tengono lontani i momenti di noia, cosa non scontata in un genere come questo. Se la crescita dovesse continuare di questo passo, non oso immaginare quali altre sorprese ci riserveranno i Mare Infinitum nel prossimo futuro.

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