Omination - Followers Of The Apocalypse (2xCD)

death doom metal, Endless Winter, Endless Winter
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The double debut album of Omination will leave on October 10. Due to an album release his only author Fedor Kovalevsky has made the following statement: — The overall thinking and art direction for Omination is based on the fact that even though everything in this world are cycles, there is always in my humble opinion a cycle of “creation” and “destruction”, therefore, in the human perception we are all aware of beginnings and ends. — Omination is about what is coming after any end: a new beginning. It’s omens of the harsh future that awaits everyone whose closing a cycle to enter in a new one. For instance, the death of a close one. This is why I use the “post-apocalypse” term and a post apocalyptic imagery/atmosphere in my writings and so forth. Starting the new beginning is harsh. — Followers of the Apocalypse is an image, an image of people who believe that the apocalypse in every way is a solution to start a new and clean cycle. Globally in this album I'm criticizing the fact that today, our society/civilizations are doing nothing good and therefore it should be wiped out, but behind these words, I speak about my own personal experience I lived after the loss of someone very close to me.

1 The Temple Of The End Of Time 13:42
2 Towards The Holocaust 08:54
3 Followers Of The Apocalypse 10:23
4 Crossing The Frozen Wasteland 13:50
5 The Whirlpool Of Ignorance 12:19
1 A Replica... 06:50
2 ...Whose Name Is Worthlessness 20:46
3 Maybe 03:34

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Followers Of The Apocalypse
death doom metal
Jewel Case
Endless Winter
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