ROME IN MONOCHROME release debut album "Away From Light"

by Solitude Productions
ROME IN MONOCHROME release debut album "Away From Light"

The debut full-length album of the Italian band Rome In Monochrome presents an unique mixture of doom, shoegaze, slowcore and post-rock. Rome In Monochrome is a triumph of isolation, an austere mask hiding the absolute life’s nonsense, a photo album full of blurred landscapes of abandoned hearts. The album compositions are elegant, intimate rituals facing ghost feelings and painful memories. You will drown in an ethereal, blinding sea of pain, a whiteout of grief, a descent into a maelstrom of caressing void. Melodic guitars, melancholic and desperate vocals will make the atmosphere of detachment and sadness saturated and, at the same time, attractive.

Join the cult of the absence of color.

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