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Alley - The Weed (CD)

progressive death metal, BadMoodMan Music, BadMoodMan Music
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BadMoodMan Music presents band Alley with their debut album "The Weed"! Young but professional musicians offer for all lovers of hard and smart music perfect mix of progressive and death metal in best traditions of Opeth and Daylight Dies. Bright compositions, professional playing and high quality of record make Alley a part of circle of bright representatives of Russian hard scene. Mixing and mastering of record made in famous studio NavahoHut.

1 Duhkha 4:44
2 Coldness 5:58
3 Dust Layer 9:11
4 Hessian Of Rime 7:21
5 Fading Fall 10:23
6 Jaded Mirrored 11:21
7 Days For Gray 14:35

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The Weed
progressive death metal
CD Album
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BadMoodMan Music
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BMM. 017-08
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Kronos Mortus

The progressive death metal band, Alley was formed in December 2005 in Krasnoyarski with the line up: Andrey Evtugin (guitar, vocals), Egor Moskvichev (guitar), Sergey Lednikov (bass), Valery Kuzmin (drums). Two years later they made a demo then in 2008 they came out with their first full lenght album, subject of this article. The band has very unique style, compley influences, mixing other genres into an intensive music, so it’s no wonder that the album come out as a BMM product. BMM is a record label specialised in the releasing of high standard and rare recordings

The opening Duhkha is an instrumental track, the sound coming out growing stronger and it really reminds me the sound of hurdy gurdy. You can call it the sound of fulfilling, a spiritual ritual, but it really reminds me of some harmony of the nature because of the folkish sound. Coldness has a soft acoustic intro, then it turn into a compley death metal song with raw energy and quite understandable vocals. The song structure is well built, the production isn’t falling behind the conception. Acoustic and grinding parts coming after each other and the final product is awesome.

Dust Layer takes this conception forward, you can hear some doom metal influences here besides the progressivity. The variation of vocals ont he instruments gives the sound a really great edge. The Hessian Of Rime is an other mercyless piece, with heavy sound, breakbeats, technical fill-ins. Everything sound great and there are no unneccessary measures or parts. This easily receptable world full of harmonies is a true musical delicacy.

The psychedelic parts of Fading Fall are simple, but impressive mixed with lot of emotions. It’s a dinamic heavy hitter song. The heavy double bassdrum parts of Jaded Mirrored has so dark atmosphere that’s even indescribable for me. Melodic parts also come in, just like in some of the previous songs, but this songs is deep-rooted in detah/doom metal. Heavy riffs and verses are entwining. I have no doubts that many of you will like this. The last track is Days For Gray. It has dark atmosphere. Powerful, niggling parts are waking different feelings, evoke the pain, sadness even nihilism. Every aspect of the music is chracteristical, the acoustic parts entwining the faster verses. I recommend this album for those in love with this genre and like to discover new bands, but the fans of doom metal could also find pleasure listining to it.

Author: Lemezismertetők

BadMoonMan es una especie de “brazo derecho” del sello ruso Solitude Productions y pone a consideración de la gente, una banda que se aleja un tanto de los estándares de Solitude: ALLEY.
La banda en cuestión posee otras influencias, otras sonoridades más centradas en el Death Metal y el Doom Metal de bandas que a su vez exploran otras ramas de la música pesada como es el Metal Progresivo.
Inevitablemente luego de escuchar “Coldness” (primer canción luego de la intro “Duhkha”) el nombre de OPETH se hace presente como principal referencia musical; pues, las voces de Andrey Evtugin (también guitarrista) se reparten entre guturales y melódicas de la misma manera que el gran Akerfeldt lo hace en una de las mejores bandas de la actualidad extrema.
El elemento progresivo es para ALLEY algo tan importante como el agua para el humano, y es por ello que “Dust Layer” mixtura en gran forma el Death/Doom mencionado líneas mas arriba con la “progresión” in crescendo en la composición.
“Hessian Of Rime” en una entrada triunfal a puro riff tormentoso y abrasador se eleva destacándose por sobre el resto de las composiciones bajo un manto decididamente “deathmetalero”.
Sinceramente debo decir que el disco suena perfecto, pues todos los instrumentos se perciben sin mayores problemas y la producción es brillante; pero tal vez lo único (y más importante tal vez) criticable a ALLEY sea que les resulte tan difícil despegar de las influencias que los alimentan.
Por el resto, debo decir que son una banda con un potencial sin techo, pero indudablemente deberían mirar para adentro y casi como una ebullición personal dar rienda suelta a sus sentimientos más profundos para así, dar cuenta de una propuesta menos viciada de ajenas prestaciones.

Author: Gustavo Piccini
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