Amber Tears (Янтарные Слезы) - Когда Нет Троп (When No Trails) (CD)

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Undoubtedly, this is the one of the most awaited albums and brilliant releases on the Russian metal scene. The triumphant comeback of the famous pagan doom death metal band Amber Tears at the borderline of the retreat of winter and the awakening of nature emphasizes the album concept of emerging human experiences with nature. The breath of the northern forests is already filled with the ritual sounds of drums, while melodious guitar parts echo the crow cries.

When the past holds you for a long time and does not let you go, when you are not sure if you want changes to happen, you freeze between winter and spring ...

1 Спой Ветер, Спой Ворон
2 Где Я Остался
3 В Вихре Прошлых Дней
4 Под Светом Звезд
5 Там, Где Нет Весны

Amber Tears (Янтарные Слезы)
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Когда Нет Троп (When No Trails)
pagan doom metal
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BMM. 087-19
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Aus Russland stammen die Herren von Янтарные Слёзы die sich für westliche Regale Amber Tears nennen und melodischen Doom Metal der Marke Swallow the suns oder My dying bride präsentieren. Ihr drittes Album, hierzulande 'When no trails' benannt, kann sich dabei für Genrefreunde eventuell lohnen.

Viele Worte werde ich wohl nicht verlieren: Gut gespielter, auf den Punkt komponierter aber leider zu keinem Zeitpunkt wirklich umwerfender Doom quillt da aus den Boxen. Amber tears können sich qualitativ zwar durchaus hören lassen, alle Intrumente werden kompetent und punktgenau bedient, die Growls sind stimmig, jedoch habe ich zu keinem Zeitpunkt das Gefühl, dass ich das Album unbedingt noch einmal hören muss, wenn ich erst einmal diese Zeilen verfasst habe. Die Songs ziehen an mir vorüber, ich verliere schnell den Fokus.

Es soll kein Totalverriss sein, auch wenn es so klingen mag. Amber Tears machen ihre Sache an sich gut, „In the whirlwind of the last days“ bringt mit seinen Folk Elementen Spaß und ist mein Reinhörtipp, jedoch fehlen mir markante Melodien oder ein besonderes Element, um wirklich zu jubeln. Nur alles gut und richtig machen reicht nicht.
Doomed to Darfness

Amber Tears are a band from Russia that plays a melodic and pagan mixture of doom and death metal and this is a review of their 2019 album "Where No Trails" which was released by BadMoodMan.

Atmospheric sounding synths start off the album before going into a heavier direction which also introduces melodic guitar leads. The slower sections of the songs are very heavily rooted in doom metal while spoken word parts can also be heard in certain sections of the recording.

Death metal growls are also a very huge part of the recording while all of the tracks are very long and epic in length. A great amount of melody can also be heard in the guitar riffing along with synths also returning on the later tracks and as the album progresses a brief use of acoustic guitars and percussion's can be heard, all of the musical instruments have a very powerful sound to them as well as all of the music sticking to a very slow direction.

Amber tears plays a style of doom/death emtal t hat is very melodic and atmospheric sounding along with a touch of folk music. The production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Paganism, Experiences and Nature themes.

In my opinion Amber tears are a very great sounding pagan and melodic mixture of doom and death metal and if you are a fan of those musical genres, you should check out this band. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Where i Stayed" and "Where There Is No Spring".

Author: OccultBlackMetal
Metal Integral

Ce groupe russe évoluant dans les marges d’un Doom Death classique semble avoir adopté une productivité discographique à l’unisson des tempos pour le moins lents de sa musique ! Songez que son premier album a vu le jour en 2006, le second en 2010, When No Trails ayant donc mis neuf ans à nous parvenir. Aucune critique négative derrière cette comptabilité, juste le plaisir de constater l’implication têtue du groupe vis-à-vis de son art…

Les années passent mais AMBER TEARS demeure plus que jamais fidèle à sa vocation première, celle de pratiquer un Doom Death Metal classique, ne versant jamais dans les extrêmes, prenant soin de ponctuer ses étendues désolées de repères mélodiques affirmés. Pour prendre un exemple, les vocaux demeurent caverneux et grondants mais ils ne versent jamais dans le borborygme. Ponctuellement, une voix claire se glisse dans le paysage, comme ce passage parlé en introduction du morceau Where There Is No Spring.
Autre exemple, concernant cette fois-ci les guitares. Certes, les riffs qu’elles alignent s’imposent en mode rêche et massif mais cette austérité se trouve contrebalancée par de nombreux arrangements mélodiques, toujours porteurs d’une profonde mélancolie. Afin de marquer davantage encore ce prisme mélodique, AMBER TEARS a recours à la délicatesse de la guitare acoustique si nécessaire et à des arrangements de claviers.

Au demeurant fort classique mais bien maîtrisée, cette dichotomie entre lourdeur et austérité d'une part, mélodie et mélancolie d'autre part, permet une animation contrastée de compositions dont la longueur – entre sept et dix minutes – pourrait s'avérer fatale en terme d'attention. AMBER TEARS prend le temps d'installer des ambiances et prend soin d'agencer des séquences successives qui, si elles se développent toujours en mode sombre et lent, n'en forment pas moins un scénario dramatique solide et crédible, avec une réelle profondeur.

Author: Alain
Metal Temple

The Russian Melodic Doom band Янтарные Слёзы (romanized “Jantarnye Slëzy”) know also under their English moniker AMBER TEARS, has been around since the early 2000s and “When No Trails” is only their third full-length album so far. At a first glance AMBER TEARS play typical Death/Doom inspired by bands such as SATURNUS or MY DYING BRIDE, but there is more to their music than that. Their music has Folk and Atmospheric undertones, but not in any straight-forward, cookie-cutter way. The Folk or Atmospheric vibe doesn’t come from a use of particular melodies or song-writing approach, rather, it is an aura or mystique integral to the music – a primordial, hypnotic force of the music that gives it an ancient, primeval feeling. The simple, melodic riffs have a kind of “circular”, trance-inducing quality and they seem to me as musical expressions of archetypal ideas such as the ouroboros, the cosmic wheel or the spindle of the Fates, hence the affinity with traditional Folk Music.

“Sing the Wind, Sing the Raven” has an ambient intro with a dark, haunting vibe that is pierced through by a dreamy but powerful guitar melody. The verse is mellow with spoken lyrics, the chorus is huge and explosive, all the more because of the contrast with the verse. The seven minutes long song has also a nice instrumental section with simple but captivating guitar leads. “Where I Stayed” has a verse with both soft and harsh vocals that are backed by soft strumming of a mandolin, the chorus has a huge, emotional melody, and the lead melody at the end of the song is breathtaking. The nine minutes long “In the Whirlwind of the Last Days” has a trippy intro with chanting and a minimalistic riff of what sounds like some primitive bass harp. The verse is acoustic with only a primitive drumbeat and strumming of a mandolin whose “call” is responded to by a huge, epic riff. Lead melodies and soloing in the mid-section provide the song with a great sense of progression, it ends with an ethereally sad and tender outro. “Under the Stars Light” is the most vivacious tune on the album with a driving, folky melodies; the soloing is a bit more flamboyant, but always controlled and tasteful. The album closes with the ten minutes long “Where There Is No Spring,” that gives me a MY DYING BRIDE vibe and has a powerful, deeply mournful chorus.

Sorry SWALLOW THE SUN, but this relatively unknown Russian band takes the Death/Doom cake so far this year as far as I’m concerned. AMBER TEARS don’t do anything out of the ordinary in terms of melody or songwriting, but everything is “on point” in the songs and on the album (its play time is around 40 minutes, basically you might call it “short and sweet” for Doom Metal), and their music has a spellbinding energy. They fuse harshness and tenderness to create powerful, dreamy songs that are captivating and memorable. Death/Doom fans – but not only they – definitely shouldn’t miss this.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 10
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Author: Martin Knap
Iye Zine

Dopo nove anni di silenzio tornano i russi Amber Tears (Янтарные Слезы), band che tra il 2006 ed il 2010 regalò agli appassionati di doom due splendidi lavori come Revelation Of Renounced e The Key To December.

When No Trails (Когда нет троп) non delude le aspettative con i suoi cinque brani intensi, emozionanti e rivestiti di quella patina pagan folk che rende sufficientemente peculiare la proposta della band proveniente dalla lontana Penza.
Rispetto agli esordi la line up è rimasta pressoché immutata, fatto salvo il ruolo di bassista che è sempre stato l’unico soggetto a cambiamenti, e questa coesione è percepibile all’interno di un lavoro non troppo lungo e che non mostra punti deboli di sorta.
Come sempre gli Amber Tears si esprimono o lingua madre, così come la grafica e il nome stesso della band e dell’album vengono esibiti in cirillico, ma come da convenzione e per comodità utilizziamo la traslitterazione in inglese, per cui dovendo menzionare i brani chiave di When No Trails non possiamo che citare le due perle intitolate Where I Stayed e Where There Is No Spring, tracce dalla melodie struggenti e solenni che spiccano rispetto ad una scaletta comunque di assoluto livello, nella quale solo Under The Stars Light non raggiunge l’eccellenza distaccandosi forse un po’ troppo dalle coordinate abituali del sound.
Il ritorno di questa ottima band è l’ennesima buona notizia di un 2019 che che sta regalando gioie una dopo l’altra agli appassionati del doom e si può scommettere che non sia affatto finita qui …

Uniter Rock Nations

Formé en 2002, Amber Tears, aussi connu sous le nom Янтарные Слёзы, est un groupe russe de Doom Metal à influences Folk. Après un premier album, « Revelation Of Renounced » (« Откровение отречённых »), paru en 2006, les musiciens dévoilent « The Key To December » (« Ключ к декабрю ») en 2010, puis plus rien jusqu'à « When No Trails » (« Когда нет троп ») que nous découvrons dès maintenant.

Lent et solennel, ‘Sing the Wind, Sing the Raven' plonge l'auditeur dans l'univers glacé et désertique d'Amber Tears qui propose un Doom Metal lancinant pouvant évoquer des groupes dans la lignée de Saturnus. La batterie se fait discrète afin de mieux laisser la guitare proposer une ligne mélodique sous les hurlements du frontman dont l'engagement ne fait aucun doute et qui laisse transparaître une certaine sensibilité. Sur ‘Where I Stayed', le groupe reste dans une atmosphère similaire mais offre à l'auditeur une ligne instrumentale oscillant entre passages épurés et moments vertigineux de profondeur. La voix est tantôt en scream, tantôt susurrante. Comme souvent dans ce genre, les morceaux sont longs et construits de manière réfléchie, ce qui permet de découvrir différentes facettes du groupe au cours des propositions musicales dont l'auditeur profite.

L'introduction de ‘In the Whirlwind of the Last Days' est dans un registre plutôt Pagan/Folk qui pourrait évoquer par exemple Dordeduh ou Heilung, ce qui ravira les amateurs de ce genre aux ambiances mystiques. En 9 minutes, Amber Tears nous laisse entrevoir une créativité riche et diverse qui ne demande qu'à s'exprimer. La basse et la batterie tiennent finalement le premier rôle sur ‘Under the Stars Light' qui se construit finalement autour de cette ligne rythmique primitive et hypnotique. C'est surtout la majesté du titre et ses accents Rock aux guitares qui séduisent et prouvent que le groupe reste ouvert d'esprit et ne s'enferme pas dans un genre. D'abord à la guitare acoustique, ‘Where There Is No Spring' conclut cet album en dix minutes de pure beauté.

« When No Trails » est un album tout à fait respectable dans son genre et qui marque les esprits par sa propreté et le professionnalisme de son exécution, Amber Tears proposant des morceaux construits et sensibles qui prennent le temps d'évoluer en véritables fresques musicales.

Author: Enora Journaliste
Rocker Stage

La gelida Russia, il freddo e la desolazione di quei vasti territori è lo specchio attraverso cui guardare questo lavoro degli “AMBER TEARS”. “WHEN NO TRAILS” è il terzo lavoro per questa band proveniente dall’estremo est dell’Europa, la tristezza infinita delle atmosfere doom è resa a meraviglia. Pezzi lenti e malinconici, chitarre e ritmiche perfette per un disco che, in solo 5 tracce e in 40 minuti totali esprime tutto quello che racchiude il doom metal.

Lenti, ossessivi, malinconici, gli “AMBER TEARS” hanno una lunga carriera alle spalle e una storia abbastanza complicata ma riescono nell’intento di dare alla luce un nuovo album e lo fanno nel migliore dei modi. Il doom più classico che si possa immaginare, alla fine credo che suonare più lenti e pesanti di così sia un’impresa, una sorta di gara di lentezza che potrei paragonare a quella che si fa con chi suona il blastbeat più veloce.

Bando alle chiacchiere, che poi restano tali, questo disco è completo, un viaggio reale, lento ed inequivocabile attraverso racconti sulla natura e sul mondo che ci circonda.

I pezzi lunghissimi e molto curati intrecciano le sonorità tra la rabbia pesantissima e la malinconia fatta di atmosfere e spazi attraverso cui riflettere e sognare, un sound che ti avvolge come un lenzuolo fatto di ghiaccio e disperde la tua Anima in una solitudine irreale.

“In the Whirlwind of the Last Days” rende benissimo l’idea che domina il disco, lentissimo e triste, con atmosfere malinconiche e chitarre che tramano melodie inquietanti.

Sembra strano che dopo aver tanto utilizzato aggettivi come “triste o malinconico” poi, alla fine della storia, il disco sia un gran bel disco, perché in fondo il doom è questo, far uscire la parte più profonda e nascosta dell’Anima e portarla fuori, con tutti i sentimenti possibili.

Per questo consiglio questo disco degli “AMBER TEARS” ma assumetelo a piccole dosi, ascoltatelo e lasciatevi trasportare dalla musica ma se siete dei novizi del genere, tutto questo potrebbe arrivarvi addosso come uno tsunami…

…uno tsunami proveniente dalla Russia…freddo…triste…malinconico…
Bagnik Zine

It seems to me that very few people expected the release of the new album of AMBER TEARS - nine years have passed since the release of the previous album, and I personally forgot abot this band from Penza. As it turned out, the group did not die, but just very slowly sculpted its new creation. And I must point out that the wait was worth it.

On the first two albums, AMBER TIES were honest clo... followers of GODS TOWER; they interpreted the Belarusian folk guitar sound in their doomish and soulful style. It sounded cool, but the impression was spoiled by somewhat sloppy compositions and fucking disaster of a vocal. Regarding the new album, there are two news: the vocals are better, and GODS TOWER cloning was left in the past. Although AMBER TEARS melodious guitar riffs still contain some references to GODS TOWER, most of the material is “independent” now. If you carefully study the compositions with a magnifying glass, it turns out that there is nothing special about them. But a big role is played by the powerful and atmospheric sounding of the instruments, as well as the ingenious scatter of additional tracks. Listening to a traditional doom riff is one thing. Listening to this riff, accompanied by a simple and effective acoustic part or keyboard arrangement, is another thing. “When no Trails" is incredibly dramatic, musically emotional and beautiful. Finally, once again I hear the band not hesitating to let the guitar float freely for a minute and a half, so that it can play great solos. Great - just like SATURNUS or DOOM: VS on “Earthless”.

The vocal is still the weakest point, although now it can be perceived without twitching eyelids. When Mr. Bandurin needs to growl, he is so desperately straining that I start worrying about his underwear. Let the respected sir not consider it an insult - he tries, but it seems to me that it is better to sing in a more natural manner than to try to squeeze something unsuitable for consumption. In addition, the vocals are devoid of emotion, it's just a neutral roar. The same Thomas Jensen from SATURNUS, for example, knows how to growl much lower, more extreme, and still manages to tear the soul to shreds. It would not be superfluous to peep him a couple of techniques.

In general, the return of the band after a long pause was extremely successful. The CD for my collection is on it's way. (I am (slightly embarrassed by the design though - what kind of post-punk is this?). Unfortunately, "When no Trails" seems to be the last work of AMBER TEARS, but it is not a shame to leave on such a note.

Author: F1sher16
Gorger's Metal

For practical reasons, we'll stick with the English version of the name. The same goes for the album title. The band uses their native language, but the ones promoting the music in the Western world, fortunately takes into account our illiteracy toward the Cyrillic alphabet.

17 years into the career, and the quintet has arrived at full-length number three.

The band performs a kind of calm, mournful death/doom with roots in pagan/folk. Although the pace is kept in check, there is a lot of sound to be traced from the quintet. The two guitars, the bass and the drums, all form vital rhythms in dynamic compositions with layered melodies.

The music is too gentle and mild to sort in under the denomination umbrella extreme metal, but the music is comfortable and far from monotonous, even though the floating expression of the Russians creates a dreamy atmosphere.

What Amber Tears brings to the table, definitely ain't bad, and if your curiosity has been triggered, I advise you to take a closer listen to When No Trails.
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