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The Deadists - Time Without Light (MCD)

sludge metal, Slow Burn Records, Slow Burn Records
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Swedish band The Deadists cannot be definitely classified: featuring sound elements of such different bands as Black Sabbath, Entombed, Hawkwind, High On Fire, Sleep, The Melvins и Neurosis they created their own unique sound. Fans of modern metalcore will love their powerful guitar riffs. Persent EP “Time Without Light” unlike its digital version features hidden track “Blizzard Of Nails”. Mastered by Goran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N.).

1 Woven
2 Human Stain
3 Infinite Self
4 Deeper Within
5 Chase The Giving + Blizzard Of Nails (Bonus Track)

The Deadists
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Time Without Light
sludge metal
Jewel Case
Slow Burn Records
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BURN 004-10
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Hailing from Sweden we have The Deadists, whose latest effort sees them mixing various elements of sludge, stoner, and doom with a bit of a rock and roll vibe. They might be from Gothenburg, but they sure don’t sound like the status quo for that region.

Ok, so the name is a bit odd, in a clumsy way… Deadists? Followers of Dead… perhaps they are the vanguard of a cult to the late Mayhem front man. So the name is odd, and the cover art is also a bit odd … but in a good way. The kind that makes you wonder what the anime-chick saw to look so freaked out, and encourages the beholder to check the disk out.

The band cites Black Sabbath, High On Fire, and Entombed amongst their influences, which makes sense. They sort of take the basic approach of the first two… RIFFS with back-end bass/drum groove, done in a similar manner to doom/sludge as Entombed did to death back in the mid-90s.

2010’s Time Without Light sees them lay down some sludgy crushing riffs with this “Sludge And Roll” approach. The rockin’ beat keeps the riffs nice and punishing, and allows the bassist and drummer to get a cool groove going on. The vocals are of the shouted variety that one would expect with this type of music, but sounded a bit odd (there’s that word again) at first and I found something of an acquired taste.

Opener “Woven” takes about a minute before the band really gets going after some false-starts, but it’s good going from there. Time Without Light is five songs covering just shy of 30 minutes of good driving music. I liked it, fit in nicely with the highway ridin’ and the road rage…

However, when knocking back barley sodas at El Rancho de COld it’s not likely to hold my attention quite so much. It’s a good EP, sure, but not quite as good/enjoyable as some of the bands they were influenced by.

All said and done, it’s worth checking out. These guys did a little of their own spin on the Sludge/Doom thing which makes it stand out a little. The Deadists are apparently starting to talk about doing their first full-length, and hopefully they’ll continue to hone their craft and further develop their own style so they can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their influences.

Author: BitterCOld

Dat de bands op 10 jaar tijd slechts 2 EP’s hebben uitgebracht wilt absoluut niets zeggen. In tegendeel zelfs. Dit “Time Without Light” mag misschien slechts 5 nummers bevatten (zo’n klein halfuurtje), het zijn knallers van formaat. De band pakt onmiddellijk uit met dat waarvoor het staat: een stevig potje stoner/doom dat lang blijft nazinderen en weet te boeien.
De riffs stralen zowel kracht als originaliteit uit en worden aangedikt door lekker rollende drums, die de nodige afwisseling in het tempo van de muziek brengen. Ook de vocals passen qua klank uitstekend bij de stevige metal die The Deadists brengen. Enige minpuntje is dat de cd gerust wat langer had mogen duren, want na een halfuurtje ben je de heren absoluut niet beu gehoord.

Stoner doom met heuse rock’n roll attitude, zo kan je The Deadists uitstekend beschrijven. De songs vliegen als het ware door de boxen en doen een halfuurtje als boter smelten voor de zon. Een verademing binnen het genre en een leuke aanvulling van de collectie.

Author: Gert Maris

Göteborgarna i THE DEADISTS hänvisar till influenser som BLACK SABBATH, ENTOMBED, HIGH ON FIRE, NEUROSIS m.fl. i sin biografi och för en gångs skull så är inte bolaget helt ute och cyklar i sina referenser. De låter helt klart som ett slöare ENTOMBED och det de gör hanterar de riktigt väl. På de sex spåren får man en stor dos med tung och släpig musik. Som med alla sådana här akter så är det inget man bara drar på och slölyssnar på – utan på med det i stereon, koppla in hörlurarna, maxa volymen i bott och njut! När jag gör detta så blommar också ”Time Without Light” ut totalt. Helt klart ett klassiskt höst/vinter släpp – mörk musik för mörka tider. På ”Time Without Light” finns något som kan bli något stort i framtiden.

Author: Daniel Eriksson
Antichrist zine 11/2011

THE DEADISTS comes from Sweden, formed in 2001 they released first full-length just nine years later! Musically here’s sludge metal, with some doom metal tunes and some hardcore roots. Actually THE DEADISTS has mixed both old and new schools of metal, means you’ll find some roots from bands like BLACK SABBATH (in less proportions), NEUROSIS and HIGH ON FIRE, and also modern tunes. I can’t say I like this album alot, no, I do not think I’ll return to this album near time, as 5 listening were pretty enough for me, but for those who live by such music – THE DEADISTS will be good, because their music sounds massive, catching and even interesting, with breaking guitars and drumming, rough vocals and enough of tempo-changes. Also I didn’t like too scratching guitars, but as a whole – musicians are professionals, so do not be afraid try this band if you like sludge.
Mtuk Metal Zine

The Deadists. Another new name to me. With the cover and title of the EP it kind of made me expect some kind of Misfits-type. Still, their MySpace site says Alternative/Hardcore/Metal which whilst it didn’t sound enticing elsewhere I saw them tagged as Stoner/Doom which is even worse because if you’re Stoner, you ain’t Doom. Mutually exclusive. So: Stonercore anyone? So what is in this suprise package?

This is their second EP since 2007 and we get 5 (or 6) tracks in just over half an hour to see where they’ve come to.

‘Woven’ is my introduction and, well, there’s a fair bit of Kyuss worship in the fluidly played downtuned-and-fuzzed-out guitar. It’s a sound that travels straight off Demon Cleaner with that classic quirky riff and discordant choked melody. A bit of a heavier sludge approach is mixed in by the bass and drums which I guess comes from the hardcore influence noted and the vocals are gruff and confident sounding barks but in the cold light of day a bit unvaried and the song fails to catch me really. It hasn’t got the bitter, painful intensity of a fine sludge sound like Crowbar or Eyehategod, or the overflowing emotion of a decent Doom band, or the left-field take on life of a nicely rolling Stoner crew. So ‘Woven’ allows me to wander off unconcerned after a couple of minutes and the similar sound of ‘The Human Stain’ unfortunately has even fewer hooks to catch me on.

‘Infinite Self’ up next drops the pace into a slow chug that sprawls across the song like Scissorfight in a placid mood but without the eccentricity. It does, however, pull me back in, back to attention. It has an atmosphere, a slightly sinister air but in the end when the stoner boogie kicks in it has been the highlight so far but still stretches itself out a little too far at six minutes.

‘Deeper Within’ brings that Kyuss sound to the fore once more and with some whispered vocals is quite effective. It loses a bit when it grows more aggressive but some quirky time changes and a slightly unhinged passage brings to mind the late, much missed Bloodlet albeit a sane and controlled version. Things are looking up, I tell myself.

But the last song ‘Chase The Giving’ somehow loses its grip on the atmosphere despite that gloomy recurring riff and I’m left wandering again I’m afraid. There is a hidden track which the cybervoid tells me might be ‘Blizzard Of Nails’ or might not be but after the obligatory fade out sample of the previous track and the intervening silence it is a solid but unremarkable chug exercise to my ears.

Once again this is one of those EPs which is not bad by any stretch: They guys know what they’re doing and have a path they want to follow and I haven’t heard many similar bands recently at all with their mix of stoner and lighter shades of hardcore. I’m sure some will eat it up and it did cause me to spin Bloodlet’s ‘The Seraphim Fall’ and the brilliant ‘Three Humid Nights In The Cypress Trees’ which is always a good thing. But other than that this it is an EP that is plainly not aimed at me I’m afraid. The songs don’t touch me and on the whole it has left me unmoved. The bottom line is I just don’t get it, sorry guys.

Author: Gizmo
Heavy Impact

Affacciatisi sulle scene con un omonimo Ep autoprodotto, ecco ritornare gli svedesi The Deadists. La formula non è cambiata, siamo sempre al cospetto con un mini album, ma a differenza della produzione passata, questa volta vi è, alle spalle della band, il lavoro della Slow Burn Records ed il lavoro al mastering di Goran Finnberg (Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, Opeth, M.A.N.).

Anche la miscela sonora della band non ha subito mutazioni rispetto al recente passato e si articola seguendo il filone Sludge Metal di scuola americana, quello teorizzato in prima istanza ed in forma poco composita dai Black Flag (“My War” era) e sviluppatosi seguendo i vari Melvins e Crowbar. I cinque brani che compongono “Time Without Light” (più la hidden track “Blizzard Of Nails”) sono un concentrato di quanto la scena stilistica, a cui la band si riferisce, ha di meglio offerto negli ultimi anni. Riffs fangosi ed ossessivi, ritmiche spezzate tra downtempos e dichiarazioni di prepotenza e vocals rabbiose in cui gli accenti Hardcore vengono alla luce in maniera chiara.

A quanto detto dal punto di vista strettamente sonoro, va ad aggiungersi: la messa in primo piano di un criticismo intelligente che fa propri risvolti sociali e lancinanti impeti dolorosi.Ed è in merito a ciò che nascono tracce assolutamente esemplari come: “Human Stain” (dove il rimando al groove è una costante), o come “Infinite Self”, brano aperto da arpeggi dissonanti e che poi prende a svilupparsi sulle coordinate fosche indicate dai primi Crowbar. Una citazione particolare va a “Deeper Within”, il brano più “nero” del lotto, un vera e propria riflessione sulla incontrollabilità della coscienza, dove si fa strada un piglio strumentale eclettico di rispetto assoluto.

Un lavoro ottimo, alla luce del quale non è per nulla azzardato prevedere una affermazione più ampia della band. Maturo ed intriso di un ris

Author: Andrea Angelino
Pest Webzine

The Deadists come from Sweden and were formed as a band in 2001 but only managed to release 2 EPs until now, and this one I have here is the second. “Time Without Light” is a 5 tracks release totalizing almost 35 minutes of Stoner Doom Metal with strong influences from other music areas like Sludge Metal or Post-Rock. The whole is a very interesting but hard to penetrate slab of groovy music lead by heavy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, low-tunned bass playing an important role as well and organic, complex drums work. This will fit not only in the Stoner Metal fans collections, others might like it as well.

Author: Adrian

“Time Without Light” ist die zweite EP der schwedischen THE DEADISTS. Mit einer knappen halben Stunde gut gefüllt stellt die Scheibe den drei Jahre älteren Nachfolger ihrer ersten, selbstbetitelten Veröffentlichung dar. Damals noch im Hause Dead Tree Records dahim, ließen sich für die Fortsetzung der Diskographie Slow Burn Records erweichen, den staubigen Sludge-Rock der Herren unter’s Volk zu bringen.

Im Vordergrund der fünf Stücke steht ganz klar die monotone Riffarbeit von Anders und Peter im Vordergrund, deren bluesige, aber trockene Minimalriffs gepaart mit den genretypischen Rhythmen das Fundament für die beim ersten Eindruck gewöhnungsbedürftige, weil ziemlich gepresste Gesangsleistung von Frontmann Joacim legen. Nicht zuletzt dank ihn erinnert das ganze Ensemble in seinen guten Momenten an die mittlere (also nicht ganz so tolle) Schaffensphase von ENTOMBED. Das größte Manko im Material auf “Time Without Light” ist ganz kar der genügsame Minimalismus, an dem die Stücke aufgezogen werden. Eine Hand voll Riffs und ein Text machen eben nicht unbedingt ein ganzes Lied, da braucht es mehr Ideen wie die Sparsam eingesetzten Solo- oder Doppelgitarren.

Es ist schwierig zu sagen, ob THE DEADIST sich überhaupt auf dem richtigen Weg befinden. “Time Without Light” ist nicht schlecht, zeugt vielmehr von großer Sicherheit, aber irgendwie auch reichlich langweilig und etwas uninspiriert.

Author: Timm
Pavillon 666

La jeune fille de la pochette vous semble légèrement effrayée? Normal, lorsque l’on lance la lecture de ce deuxième EP des suèdois de The Deadists, adeptes d’un stoner virulent. Le contraire serait étonnant et cette cover façon comics sied parfaitement à cette rondelle bruyante sur laquelle les cinq gaillards de The Deadists ne sont en effet ni tendres ni joyeux. “Time without light” verse du coté obscur du stoner et sonne plus comme une déclaration de guerre que comme une ode au psychédélisme. Feu!

Deuxième méfait donc pour un début de carrière foncièrement prometteur. Acquis à la cause d’un stoner plus gras que gras façon frites à Paulo, flirtant avec la violence d’un sludge poisseux et ronronnant, The Deadists signe ici six morceaux sans concession aucune et s’annonce comme une future valeur sure. A grands coups de guitares hyper saturées et de basse grognante, leur stoner lourd et écrasant se développe autour de riffs furibonds qui renvoient bien souvent l’auditeur dans les cordes, le nez en sang et les yeux pochés. Comme je l’ai déjà évoqué, on dépasse bien souvent les limites du stoner, quand les guitares se font plus acérées et que le chant déjà éraillé se fait plus brutal. “Chase the giving” par exemple se termine dans un tempo soutenu d’inspiration foncièrement hardcore aussi bien dans le fond que dans la forme. De plus, The Deadists se veut beaucoup plus sombre que la moyenne, avec des mélodies insidieuses et franchement noires (“Woven”, “Deeper within”). D’ailleurs, leur songwritting distille les mélodies avec plus de subtilité qu’il y parait, comme on cracherait dans la soupe du beau frère avant de lui servir. D’autres morceaux, tels que “Infinite self”, jouent plus sur la facette groovy – gros travail de la section rythmique, du bel ouvrage – du combo tout en restant d’un haut niveau d’agressivité. L’atmosphère pèse ainsi de tout son poids sur nos frêles épaules comme un plein sac de cailloux et nous écrase d’une violence contenue mais bien réelle et inquiétante. Peu de points faibles sur cette galette équilibrée, si ce n’est le chant quelque peu monotone et la production qui manque parfois de souffle et se montre plus respirante sur le bonus track, “Blizzard of nails”. Cette dernière introduit sans doute le futur son du groupe, plus dynamique et clair mais tout autant rentre dedans.

Une bien belle mise en bouche – ou plutôt un déchaussage de dents – avant un effort plus long, espérons le. Sans réinventer le genre, la noirceur et l’énergie de la petite troupe suédoise fait plaisir à voir et laisse imaginer des prestations live cataclysmiques. Alors si vous aimez en prendre plein la tronche en très peu de temps, foncez sur cette galette qui ne saurait vous décevoir. Pensez tout de même à acheter des mouchoirs en papiers au préalable (pour essuyer le sang qui va s’échapper de votre nez, bande de pervers).

Author: Oceancloud

Without the familiarity with the first EP I cannot tell if the band is on the path of development, but one thing is sure: this rough doom/stoner/sludge music is played with expert hands. Certainly worth a listening.

Ahhoz képest, hogy a svéd csapat 2001-ben alakult, ez a második anyaguk és csakúgy, mint a 2007-ben kiadott The Deadists, a Time Without Light is egy EP, elődjéhez hasonlóan egy ötszámos kiadvány.

Dumából náluk sincs hiány, szerintük ez az EP minden kétséget kizárólag a tavalyi év egyik meglepetése, eredeti, dinamikus és szélsőségesen nyers, de szép számú fémes (metalos) hatással. A svéd doom/stoner színtér egyik új, vezető bandájaként kell meghatározni magukat. Dinamikus és nyers odáig rendben van, de hogy eredeti? Netán a svéd doom/stoner színtér egyik vezetői? Roppant töményen, koszosan, súlyosan szólalnak meg Anders és Peter gitárosok riffjei, Paul basszusa, melyben az ős Black Sabbath hatása éppúgy jelen van, mint a sludge színtéré, a Trouble-é vagy a Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass fémjelezte epikus doom-é, igaz eme utóbbi elem csak kis hányadban fordul elő, a hangsúly a durvaságon van. Dallamfoszlányokat is belecsempésztek muzsikájukba, de semmiképpen sem fogós, fülberagadó melódiákra gondoljatok, már csak azért sem, mert Joacim énekes képtelen lenne dallamokat előcsalni torkából, érdes hangja hc hatásokról árulkodik. A fentebb említett csapatokon kívül párhuzamként az Entombedet, a Hawkwindot, a Sleepet, a High On Fire-t, a The Melvinst valamint a Neurosist említik még meg, ellenben az az állítás, hogy a modern metalcore fanatikusai szeretni fogják a zenéjüket beugratós. A leírtakból kitűnik, hogy eredetinek a legnagyobb jóindulattal sem lehet az ötös muzsikáját nevezni, mint ahogy az is fals, hogy különleges hangzást hoztak össze maguknak.

Mivel alapból csípem a durva, súlyos zenéket és manapság már nagyon ritka valami eredeti ötlettel előrukkolni, értékelésem mellőzi a szigorúságot. Bizalommal viseltetek a banda iránt és remélem, hogy mihamarabb bemutatkozó korongjukat jelentetik meg.

Author: Dr. Feelgood
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