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The new album by Portuguese band A Dream of Poe presents the evolution of the band musical style from gothic doom metal through melodic doom death to traditional form of doom metal, with its solemn riffs, tragic clean vocals and epic guitar solos. «An Infinity Emerged» is a continuation of the previous album «The Mirror of Deliverance». The sound of the album became more dense as compared to the previous work and reached a new level of the recording quality, which allows to better feel for the work of the musicians and plunge into the atmosphere of the album. Five long tracks, with an average duration of 11 minutes, reflect the evolution of a character, defeated just after gaining consciousness that the practical side of things is always harder than the theoretical side and that all is knowledge of the world didn't prepare him for the experience. Symbolically, the album is a process of destruction, as the initial stage of the renovation process (which corresponds to the symbolism of the card "Tower" from the Tarot deck), so the themes of death, murder, and the constant reference to water as a symbol of change are essential for «An Infinity Emerged». The album features Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Clouds, Wijlen Wij) who performed keyboards. The first 100 copies of the album are issued as a strictly limited digipack!

1 Egregore 11:20
2 Lethargus 11:17
3 The Isle Of Cinder 10:19
4 Lighthouses For The Dead (The Isle Of Cinder II) 10:27
5 Macula 11:30

A Dream Of Poe
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An Infinity Emerged
gothic doom death
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 110-15D
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Soundzone Magazine

Três anos após o início das suas gravações, o segundo álbum do projecto de doom metal A DREAM OF POE está oficialmente concluído. A garantia é dada pelo mentor do grupo, Miguel Santos, que revela ainda que o master do disco já seguiu para a russa Solitude Prod que estará encarregue do lançamento físico.

"Muito horas foram despendidas na gravação deste álbum e só posso agradecer aos músicos que apaixonadamente partilharam comigo este processo", confessou o multi-instrumentista de origem açoriana.

O sucessor de «The Mirror Of Deliverance» (2011) marca uma fase de profunda restruturação no seio do grupo, depois da partida de Miguel Santos para a Escócia, operando-se assim as entradas de Kaivan Saraei [voz, IN ABSENCE], James Skirving [guitarra], Joe Turner [baixo, IN ABSENCE] e Euan McPherson [bateria]. No entanto, as baterias foram gravadas nos Açores, em 2012, pelo anterior baterista de sessão, João Oliveira, e as letras continuam a ter assinatura de Paulo Pacheco.

Em Dezembro último, Miguel Santos esclareceu o atraso na edição de «An Infinity Emerged»: "Tive de pensar muito com a cabeça e deixar o coração de lado. Não é fácil ao fim de sete anos a trabalhar praticamente sempre com as mesmas pessoas, e principalmente depois de termos feito uma tour juntos, decidir que, devido à minha situação pessoal, o que faria mais sentido seria começar do zero com músicos locais. Arranjar vocalista aqui em Edimburgo até nem foi muito difícil. Através de um promotor local que me apresentou a banda IN ABSENCE conheci o Kaivan. Aliás, ele teve um papel fundamental na procura de músicos - o Joe Turner, também elemento dos IN ABSENCE, e o James Skirving foram ambas sugestões dele por partilharem não só gostos musicais mas também uma amizade com vários anos. Com o regresso do João Oliveira a São Miguel tive de iniciar a busca por um baterista. A procura iniciou-se em finais de Julho e só agora, através de sugestão do Joe Turner, consegui finalmente encontrar um baterista."

«An Infinity Emerged» conta com participações especiais de Kostas Panagiotou [PANTHEIST], Lawrence Meyer [OFFICIUM TRISTE] e Nelson Félix [SANCTUS NOSFERATU, SPANK LORD].
The Killchain

Portuguese doomlords A Dream of Poe have moved around a bit since their inception, now being based in Edinburgh. Their new record, ‘An Infinity Emerged’ is a monolithic slice of gothic doom majesty, and is out on Solitude Productions.

The mournful creak of ‘Egregore’ opens the record in a suitably gloomy fashion. Taking notes from masters of atmospheric misery My Dying Bride, A Dream of Poe weave elegant riffs and keyboards around vocalist Kaivan Sareai’s classy clean tones. The solo that rips through the grey at eight minutes is a piece of art, while ‘Gothic’ era Paradise Lost looms heavily over the crush of the heavier parts.

Consider the riff that opens ‘Lethargus’ as one of my riffs of the year. It’s titanicly simple and yet instantly gratifying, and begins what is one of 2015’s most towering doom creations. It is almost totally void of the deathlier side of doom, and seeks instead to create something emotional and soulful. The croon of ‘The Isle of Cinder’ has some beautiful vocal harmonies, and each track is immersed totally in the task of wringing an emotional response from you.

A Dream of Poe’s mournful elegies are a perfect fit for a land descending into winter. Soulful, melancholic and heartwrenching in points, these guys have absolutely nailed it. Seek and ye shall mourn.
Wonderbox Metal

A Dream of Poe are from Portugal and play Doom Metal. This is their second album.

This is Traditional Doom Metal that’s rich of texture and hue, laced with a subtle Gothic influence and plenty of majestic melodies; think My Dying Bride-esque.

The singer has a charismatic voice with just the right amount of drama added to the performance. He adds a lot of colour and flavour to the tracks and acts as a focal point for the misery-drenched music.

The songs are long, drawn-out explorations of beauty and tragedy, coming across as chapters in an epic tale of loss and woe.

Subtle keyboards underscore the emotive themes while the guitars provide a bedrock for the evocative atmospheres to attach themselves to. The songs are slow, moody and full of dark feelings.

Each track takes its time to get where it’s going and there’s no impetus to make things hurry along; this is a very good thing as the relaxing pace of the music is quite hypnotic and it’s easy to just switch off and absorb this album.

This is 56 minutes of quality Metal. Highly recommended.

Unlängst von Portugal nach Schottland übergesiedelt, bringen A DREAM OF POE ihr zweites Album "An Infinity Emerged" auf den Markt. Vier Jahre nach ihrem Debüt "The Mirror Of Deliverance" bleibt man auch auf dem aktuellen Werk dem melancholischen und schweren Death Doom Metal verhaftet. Fünf langsame, getragene Hymnen, allesamt mit einer Spielzeit oberhalb der Zehn-Minuten-Grenze, bietet "An Infinity Emerged" auf.

Dass MY DYING BRIDE Pate gestanden haben für den musikalischen Kosmos von A DREAM OF POE, fällt bereits bei den ersten Klängen ins Ohr. Aber auch der Rest der ominösen "Peaceville Three" (neben MY DYING BRIDE auch PARADISE LOST und ANATHEMA) hinterlassen deutlich ihre Spuren im Werk von A DREAM OF POE. Das kann man als Verneigung vor den Größen des Death Doom verstehen, es limitiert aber auch die eigene kompositorische Weltsicht. Nun kann man bei A DREAM OF POE nicht soweit gehen, dass es sich um bloße Kopie der genannten Größen handelt: Dafür bringt die Band um Mastermind MIGUEL SANTOS einige durchaus spannende Ideen und Elemente in die Titel ein - mehrstimmiger Gesang, kleinere elektronische Elemente, weiblicher Chorus. Positiv zudem fällt auch sofort der angenehme, variantentreiche Gesang auf: Sprechgesang, tieftrauriges Klagen, sogar ein paar Growlparts wechselns sich variantenreich ab.

Wie jedoch bereits beim Vorgänger braucht es ein bisschen Laufzeit, bis "An Infinity Emerged" richtig in Gang kommt: "Lighthouses For The Dead", vorletzter Titel der Scheibe, ist eine tragende, spannende Nummer mit horrorhafter Stimmung. "Macula", dem Abschlusstrack, gelingt eine wirklich emotionale Berührung ob seines ausgefeiltern, operettenhaften Erzählstils. In den vorherigen Nummern treten die Neu-Schotten zu selten aus dem Schatten ihrer Vorbilder heraus, klingen allzu vorhersehbar, und auch spielerisch wirkt "An Infinity Emerged" reaktionär. Das Schlagzeugspiel durchbricht zudem die melancholische Stimmung leider allzu oft und trägt durch seinen mechanischen Klang nicht gerade zur düsteren und geheimnisvollen Grundstimmung bei.

"An Infinity Emerged" von A DREAM OF POE ist damit zwar insgesamt ein solides Album geworden - der wirklich große Wurf gelingt, trotz einiger guter Ideen, jedoch nicht.

Author: Sven Lattemann
Merchants of Air

Although I don't often use popular terms like 'throwback Thursday', this would be a perfect occasion for such a tag. At this very moment I'm being drenched in a melancholic atmosphere, bringing back some beautiful moments of festivals in the nineties. The line-up mentions bands like Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride and Anathema, and for that I think I'm in heaven. Gothic doom metal has been one of my favorite genres for years and I definitely approve of this one.

A Dream Of Poe is originally a Portuguese project but moved to Scotland. A few months ago, they released their second album, a very ambitious one too. The purpose was to recreate the magic of the classics by the previously mentioned bands. The fact the Solitude Productions picked them up, certainly proves that A Dream Of Poe succeeded in that goal. The five songs on 'Infinity Emerged' are massive pieces of gothic doom, truly reminiscent of that awesome nineties era.

From the very first note of opener 'Egregore', My Dying Bride and Anathema come to mind. The big problem with such a sound is the risk of sounding like a copycat, but the distinct clean vocals give this band their own edge and certainly their own piece of the gothic doom cake. The main difference between A Dream Of Poe and their predecessors is the mixing and sound of these vocals. Moved more to the foreground and with an intense melancholic feel, perhaps a tiny bit too poppy. The voice might take some getting used to but that never harms the overall quality.

In fact, by the end of 'Lethargus', I'm already singing 'show me something new', not because I heard all of this before but because it's one of the lyrics. Funny thing is, this is nothing new but they can definitely show me more of this. They do, in the massive song 'The Isle Of Cinder'. This is a black and purple steamroller of a song, taking on a bit of a theatrical approach, a bit cabarettesque perhaps but so damn immersive.

A Dream Of Poe certainly has potential, that's for sure. 'Infinity Emerged' is a great album, which deserves a place on any shelf where the earlier mentioned bands are present. However, I still think that they can do better. I've heard a lot of bands who try to recreate the magic of the classics and this one comes very, very close. Yet, I feel that this band can do even better, they have the ability not to recreate a classic but to create a completely new one. Keep an eye on these guys, they truly deserve your attention.

Author: Serge

So seltsam es sich auch anhört, aber die Portugiesen klingen zwar so verdammt nach My Dying Bride, schaffen es dabei aber geschickt nicht wie eine billige Kopie zu klingen.
Vor allem die Singstimme lässt des öfteren mal an die Doomkönige aus England denken, Songaufbau und Arrangements stehen dem in nichts nach. Trotzdem kann man sich das sehr gut anhören da sie genug eigene Ideen mit einbringen und zu keinster Sekunde so klingen als würden sie MDB nachspielen. Stellenweise geht das durchaus auch in die Anathema Richtung, so in etwas zu Zeiten von "Alternative4".
A Dream of Poe vermeiden auf "An Infinity Emerged" gekonnt Langeweile, Atmosphäre wie beim Genuss eines zähen Kaugummis wird kein Raum gelassen. Die Tracks sind durchweg schwermütig und getragen, gutes Songwriting sorgt dafür das keine Längen auftauchen. Das dabei jeder Titel die 10 Minuten Grenze überschreitet fällt überhaupt nicht auf. Der Mann an der Leadgitarre ist scheinbar früher irgendwann mal bei MDB in die Gitarrenschule gegangen oder hat alle Alben auswendig gelernt. Die Riffs kommen so präzise und auf den Punkt wie bei den Vorbildern. Das Schlagzeug ist mir einen Tick zu "modern" gestimmt, hat so allerdings auch ordentlich Punch. Dezente Keyboardunterstützung ist auch zu verzeichen, da diese aber nur hintergründig eingestreut ist besteht keine Gefahr von Kleisterklang.
55 Minuten gibts hier sehr guten melodischen Englanddoom aus Portugal. My Dying Bride Fans müssen`s antesten, näher kommt euren Lieblingen momentan niemand. Ansonsten kann auch jeder Liebhaber von melancholischen Doomklängen reinhören.

Hard Rock Info

Feeling lonely and blue? Then this might be something for you. You get 5 soft and slow songs that are between 10.25 to 12.06 minutes. Some kind of gothic doom/dark metal with an atmosphere of a dream.
The band is originally from Portugal, but have relocated to Scotland presently. This is their second and most ambitious album. It's been compared with mid-period MY DYING BRIDE and "Gothic" era PARADISE LOST.
I'm not the one who can find any right words to describe this any better than that. But if you think it could be something for you, then I think you should check them out.
Best adventure: "The Isle Of Cinder".
Crossfire Metal

Um das Debütalbum "The Mirror Of Deliverance" im Jahre 2011 zu veröffentlichen, benötigten sie sechs Jahre. Möglicherweise kann das an Umzügen gelegen haben, denn aus diesen Portugiesen wurden inzwischen Schotten, zogen sie doch von den Azoren über London nach Edinburgh. Musikalisch sind sie irgendwo zwischen Gothic und Doom ansiedelbar; auch das Cover hat den Stilmix gut eingefangen. Die Rhythmen sind mit den Gitarren ganz klar Doom, aber untermalende Keyboards und die Vocals machen eher die Gothicstimmung. Recht zerbrechlich wirkender Männergesang ist das Aushängeschild der Band. Das passt gut zu den Lyrics, denn sie vertonen die Literatur von Edgar Allen Poe, daher auch ihr Bandname. Zwar kann wie in "Lethargus" die Doublebass auftauchen, doch an Tempo gewinnen A Dream Of Poe nicht. Er herrschen in den fünf Songs die bekannten Doomgeschwindigkeiten, und zwar von vorne bis hinten. Und das kann dauern, denn kein Song läuft unter zehn Minuten. Auch nicht die elfminütige Schlussnummer "Macula", für die sie sich die schönsten Leads und Soli aufgehoben haben.

Author: Joxe Schaefer

A Dream of Poe are a band from Portugal that has been featured before in this zine and plays a gothic form of doom metal and this is a review of their 2015 album "An Infinity Emerged" which was released by Solitude Productions.

Clean playing starts off the album along with some drum beats and melodic singing a few seconds later which also leads up to a heavier doom metal direction that also mixes in a great amount of depressive melodies and female vocals can also be heard at times and all of the tracks are very long and epic in length.

All of the musical instruments on the recording have a very powerful sound to them and the solos and leads also remain true to a melodic style of doom metal and the whole album sticks to very slow musical direction bringing in some of the heaviness of early 90's doom/death metal without ever mixing in growls and screams.

A Dream Of Poe continue the gothic doom metal sound of previous recordings bringing in a more melodic approach to this genre and proving you can still be heavy with normal vocals, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover the writings of E.A Poe and poetic themes.

In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from A Dream Of Poe and if you are a fan of gothic/doom metal, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "Lethargus" and "Macula".

Author: OccultBlackMetal

Ma jelent meg a portugál gothic doom/death brigád, az A Dream of Poe új lemeze a Solitude Prod-nál. Az idén tíz éves, jelenleg Skóciában dolgozó csapat a kezdeti idők gothic doom metaljától a melodic doom/death-en át mára eljutott a tradicionális doom metalhoz, melyben ünnepélyes riffek, tragikus tiszta ének és epikus gitárszólók a jellemzőek.
Az öt számos An Infinity Emerged lemez a 2011-es The Mirror of Deliverance albumnak is tekinthető. A hosszú, átlagosan tizenegy perces dalokat rejtő anyagon Kostas Panagiotou (Pantheist, Clouds, Wijlen Wij) vendégszerepel billentyűsként.
A lemez - aminek nyitó tétele már meghallgatható -, első száz példánya digipack csomagolásban jelenik meg.

Author: 9000Sanyi
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