Abstract Spirit - Tragedy And Weeds (CD)

funeral doom death, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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Album “Tragedy And Weeds” has become a new era in the bands work, denoting the transition to a new, high quality sound, more thoughtful material, and the desire to mature. The team once again became a trio, but the Abstract Spirit has ceased from a side project of famous musicians to a full band, performing live shows. “Tragedy And Weeds” is the same sludgy funeral doom, full of fleeting touches of depressive black. Melodies, filled with despair, and if is filled with schizophrenic delusions, evokes feelings of anxiety and fear, casting the listeners down into the abyss of despair. The sound of wind instruments resemble the old, sad, funeral orchestra, accompanying the low belly growl, hysterical cries and sepulchral recitative. All this gives birth to a unique atmosphere Abstract Spirit!

1 Tragedy And Weeds 12:16
2 Funeral Waltz 9:11
3 Crucifixion Without Regret 11:17
4 Face The Nightmare 11:35
5 Wrapped In Solitude 10:26
6 Sepulchral Winter 13:19

Abstract Spirit
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Tragedy And Weeds
funeral doom death
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Solitude Productions
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SP. 031-09
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The latest album from Abstract Spirit is “Tragedy And Weeds” and it shows some real progression and a change into more high quality production and more focused song construction. The material is still total Funeral Doom but sounds more mature and the songs sound more well thought out and arranged. Like "Liquid Dimensions Change", there is another 6 songs of depressive melodies, bleak atmosphere all played slow with the guttural growling vocals still there in check. They use the sound of sound of wind instruments to create a even more "Funeral Like Feeling" and while the style hasn't changed much, there is certainly more to this album compared with their previous effort. This music often promotes feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness which is the whole point behind "Funeral Doom" and this band creates the mood for those emotions very well indeed. No track stands out anymore than any other, they all reek of the same sounds and quality but "Tragedy And Weeds" beats ""Liquid Dimensions Change" hands down in my opinion. The songs are slow, i mean real slow and take a long long time to develop and build which may turn some people off the album but its worth sitting through for the pure darkness factor. The album has only 6 songs that stretch the album out to over 60 minutes but its a long harrowing process to get to the end of the album in one sitting. The vocals kill, low deep grunting is the style on show here and it fits in well with the low-end crunch of the guitar work. Perfect music for your next day of heavy rain and howling winds.

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