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My Lament - Broken Leaf (CD)

doom death, Solitude Productions, Solitude Productions
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Revelation from this Belgian band with their debut album “Broken Leaf”! The first album of MY LAMENT consists of eight powerful, perfectly recorded songs, which have a balance between cruelty of ATARAXIE and melodic lines of OFFICIUM TRISTE and SATURNUS. Brilliant playing skills of the musicians with great sound separate MY LAMENT from a lot of modern bands in this style, and put their music on same line with the famous bands of doom death metal scene!

1 Broken Leaf (Intro)
2 Shepherd Of Sorrow
3 Silent Nights
4 My Damnation Deep
5 The Soilseeker
6 Her Dark Smile
7 The Burden Of Doubt
8 Vilest Of Men

My Lament
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Broken Leaf
doom death
CD Album
Jewel Case
Solitude Productions
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SP. 028-09
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My Lament aus Belgien beweisen auf ihrem im Death/Doom anzusiedelnden Debüt ein gutes Gespür für Dynamik: Die ruhigen Passagen sind schön ätherisch, der Schlagzeuger hat viel Raum für kleine Spielereien bekommen und das Auf und Ab der Stimmungsfacetten ist gut inszeniert. Die aggressiven Passagen gehen mir aber gelegentlich zu weit, bedienen sich dann beim (Melodic) Death Metal und konterkarieren damit das doomige Grundflair - "The Soilseeker" z.B. beginnt mit gänsehauterregenden Trauerklängen, verfällt in anständige Schwerfälligkeit und mündet dann in der Mitte in einem Bolzausbruch, der die Stimmung ohne Anlass kaputtmacht. "Her Dark Smile" blastet anfangs ebenfalls sehr derb, pegelt sich dann aber im Downtempo ein. "The Burden Of Doubt" bewegt sich phasenweise im lupenreinen Thrash Metal. Wie gesagt, meine Sache ist das nicht, aber das mag Geschmackssache sein. Die belgischen Death/Doom-Bands sind ja häufig die weniger bleiernen.
Jenseits von Geschmacksfragen fehlt ein Übersong.
Für offene Doomster.

Author: ta
Deaf Sparrow

My Lament is a decent instance of doom-death metal fusion. Stretches of somber doom are interwoven with punching segments of death metal. The band has the subtly to craft moody melodies that capture the spirit of doom, but at times they lack the backbone needed to pull off some of the more bone crunching death metal passages. Consequently the death metal passages come off as “death metal lite”. When they go for an all-out death metal piece on “My Damnation Deep,” they sound clunky, uneven and overmatched. On the other hand, the more straight forward doom pieces (i.e. “The Soilkeeper”) are some of the stronger tracks on the album. For the most part, the two dimensions are satisfactorily balanced—the death metal isn’t as powerful as it should be, but it still provides an adequate counterpoint to the doom. While there is nothing explicitly objectionable about Broken Leaf, it is not an especially memorable album. The songwriting is adequate, but never particularly interesting. Melodically, there are few riffs that reach out and grab you. By and large this album is composed of fairly average riffs. Even at its best (i.e. the mystical keys at the beginning of “Her Dark Smile”) Broken Leaf has a derivative and generic sound. The vocals can also be irritating. While the growl is a pretty standard death growl, the breathy spoken word passages are really cheesy. On the whole, My Lament might be a band with potential, but their debut fails to distinguish itself.
Global Metal Network

Belgian Doom / Death Metal newbies released their debut album way back in 2009 and with it came a warning of depression riding this album, they do however make both genre's work together in tune and at the same time come to a just conclusion that is one of Belgium's darkest albums, one full of mystery, ever-changing atmospheres and eccentricity, the album 'Broken Leaf' is all about sitting back and relaxing to some Doom Metal with the Death Metal on the side, a work of excellence.

Forgotten Path

The forge of Doom Metal from Russian “Solitude Productions” once again presents a nice discovery in the style that they are professional at. This time the band My Lament, hailing from Belgium where Doom Metal, especially good Death/Doom is rather a forgotten thing. But this five-piece act with its debut album “Broken Leaf” may turn a new page in their history.
The music that is offered in these eights tracks is a nice combination of Saturnus and Novembers Doom influence. The Danish band has rendered a more lyrical and emotional side to the music, whereas the Americans feature more brutality and massiveness of guitars. These two comparisons clearly indicate the art of My Lament. In general, this is Melodic Death/Doom Metal with more growing vocals, aggressive, harsh riffs and hate. Do not try this album if you are looking for sweet, never-ending solos and melodic riffs. This is a look at Death/Doom in a more brutal way. On one hand, I really like the choice of the band, as this is a kind of escape from current popular tendencies in this style. On the other hand, I really find a lack of emotional power in the music. Some of the tracks like “The Burden of Doubt” have a Modern/Melodic Death Metal influence, but this impact suits the music well as it is not a long interlude...
One thing that I find this style lacks - more variety in the compositions. Though the album is really great and interesting, I believe the band still has the potential to become better artists. But in general, this is an impressive debut for the Belgian Death/Doom act.

Author: Odium
Vibrations of Doom #50

Damn, all I really need to do is just put "Another Solitude Productions review"
at the beginning and you probably already know it's gonna score in the 90's!!
This band unfortunately got skipped last issue, but I couldn't put this one off
anymore. Just give this record a thorough listen to and you can tell already
from debut one that this band is trying to break out of the atypical mold of
doom/death metal. We'll get to that in a bit. Right off, the track 'Broken
Leaf' has a nice slow fade in, with some melodic piano notes (no, this isn't
what makes them different!) and heavy two-note bass guitar riffs to build up to
heavier guitars. This is like a building 5 minute intro, and all the vocals are
near the end of the track. I especially love the wailing ghost like high ended
leads, which definitely craft a melancholic atmosphere. The dark bass guitar
rumblings continue on with 'The Shepherd Of Sorrow,' and you're gonna be
reminded of My Dying Bride's best and most emotional guitar work. The death
metal styled vocals are especially deep and VERY brutal throughout the disc by
the way. They then take the November's Doom approach by adding faster tempos at
a rather blazing speed (in fact, at times their heavy guitar sounds reminds me
STRONGLY of November's Doom). More spoken vocals. Back and forth tempos, and
damn, we haven't even gotten to the halfway point yet! Acoustic like guitars
break open 'Silent Nights,' with some nice high ended guitars once again. This
time there's a nice interaction between the death vocals and the spoken ones,
especially on the choruses. And after the heaviness, beautiful guitar work
closes this out. On to the first real downer of the disc: The almost carbon
copy of November's Doom track 'My Damnation Deep.' Sorry, but those lead
guitars match the vocalist TOO closely, and doesn't really work for me here.
The choruses are heavy and sick however. Moving on to 'The Soilseeker,' the
synth work (which you will notice more as the album goes on) resembles a
carnival organ at times on this cut. The lead solos crafted here are some of
the best on the record too, even if the spoken vocals get a bit too repetitive
at first. There's more intense speed guitar wise on the choruses of 'Her Dark
Smile,' and followup 'The Burden Of Doubts' has some very melancholic moments,
especially at the beginning. And of course there's more blazing fast guitar and
drum work. CD closer 'Vilest Of Men' is probably one of the most brutal cuts on
the disc, though when it starts out it closely resembles funereal doom/death
metal. and the melancholic atmosphere is quite surprising when you know what
you are in for. It's amazing how much crushing doom and brutal death passages
coexist side by side with amazing melancholic and almost beautiful doomy
passages, and the synth work adds another dimension to this group that has
already impressed me with their diversity from track to track. One thing I DO
need to say, though, is maybe they could have cut out the spoken vocal
passages, as they're on damn near every track! Very minor complaint, and
another great effort from the Russian record label that is releasing such a
high volume of great discs, it's scary!
Legacy Magazine #69

2003 gegründet, ließen MY LAMENT zunächst nur in Form
eines einzigen Demos von sich hören, welches auch erst drei
Jahre später erschien. Seit dem letzten Jahr ist „Broken Leaf“,
das Debütalbum fertig und füttert die Doom Metal-Fraktion
mit einigen leckeren Häppchen. Noch in der Selbstfindung,
bringen MY LAMENT ziemlich viel auf dem Album unter und
sorgen für Abwechslung. Das Titelstück, gleichzeitig Opener,
ist sehr seicht geraten und hat kleinere Shoegaze-Anleihen.
Schon in ‚The Sheperd Of Sorrow’ ziehen die fünf Holländer
die Zügel aber an und widmen sich ernsthafteren, wenn
auch melodischen Kompositionsmethoden. Bands wie
Mourning Beloveth klingen aus jeder Note, Vergleiche mit
My Dying Bride sind in einigen Melodiebögen angebracht.
Seinen harten Höhepunkt erreicht „Broken Leaf“ dann im
vierten Stück, bei ‚My Damnation Deep’. Trotz der gleichen,
wieder zweifellos berechtigten Vergleiche, sind es vor allem
die Growls vor der Kulisse massiver Gitarrenwände, die das
Stück zu einem Manifest der Hoffnungslosigkeit machen.
Die Stimmung wird später auch nicht in ‚Her Dark Smile’
erreicht, wo MY LAMENT nach einem Break anfangen zu
knüppeln – bevor sie wieder in wachsweicher, anheimelnder
Melancholie versinken. Wer es noch nicht gemerkt hat: Der
„Broken Leaf“ ist Programm. Es ist Herbst, die Tage werden
kürzer und kälter. MY LAMENT werden gebraucht.

Author: JIP
The Streets

Helt gjennomsnittlig Death/Doom med gotiske undertoner fra Belgia. Bandet startet opp i 2003, har levert en demo forut og platedebuterer her for russiske Solitude Production. Som teknisk produkt er det ingenting å utsette på «Broken Leaf». Produksjon, spilling, vokal, instrumentering etc... er som det skal være, nemlig på et profesjonelt nivå. At de har brukt seks år på dette låtmaterialet er derimot vanskelig å forstå. My Dying Bride presset til eksempel ut tre fullengdere og en EP på samme tidperiode og alle er de bedre enn det My Lament har prestert å snekre sammen. Det blir aldri vondt for ørene å lytte til denne debuten, men det er da også alt. Dusinvare av ypperste sort.

Author: Rune
Pavillion 666

En règle générale, les patronymes qui commençent par « My » indique une musique plus ou moins introspective, n'augurant que peu de joie de vivre. My dying bride avait ouvert la voie, depuis nombre de combos déprimés et déprimant se sont fait l'écho du « My metal »: My shameful, My life despair... et My lament, formé en 2003 et originaire des plates contrées belges. Ces derniers sortent en cette année 2009 moribonde, leur premier album chez les russes de Solitude prod. Décortiquage.

Contrairement à la vague doom actuelle (toutes sous divisions confondues), My lament ne recherche pas la sophistication à outrance. Le doom/death des belges est relativement cru et basique, comme le jouaient à l'origine les grands pères anglais du style, Paradise lost, Anathema et My dying bride ou plus récemment les héritiers Mourning beloveth ou Saturnus. Pas de voix claires, encore moins de vocalises féminines, des claviers réduits à peau de chagrin, pas de grandiloquence outrancière. En clair, My lament va à l'essentiel, à travers son doom/death empreint d'influences old school, épuré et direct, malgré des titres de 6 minutes en moyenne. Et comme à la grande époque (remember les premiers essais de ma mariée mourante), My lament se rapproche plus d'un groupe de death ressentant le besoin de ralentir le tempo que d'un combo doom ténébreux tels qu'on les connait aujourd'hui. Ce sentiment est renforcé par les quelques accélérations disséminées ça et là qui rappellent à notre bon souvenir la scène death mélodique suédoise, At the gates en tête. De la mélodie, My lament n'en manque pas, même si leur impact émotionnel n'est toujours aussi fort qu'on l'espérerait. C'est sans doute ce fort attachement death qui freine quelque peu les aspirations dépressives de nos belges, les guitares ne sachant véritablement choisir entre l'agressivité et la profondeur mélancolique. Cela dit, l'expérience des musiciens leur confère une certaine justesse dans l'écriture qui permet à cet album de rester cohérent et plaisant tout du long. Allez, une salve d'encouragement pour nos voisins belges...

Death ralenti ou doom sous amphétamines, chacun se fera son opinion. Dans tous les cas, « Broken leaf » restera un album de bon aloi, qui devrait séduire les férus de death méodique cherchant de nouveau terrain de jeu et les novices du doom qui se contentent pour le moment de peu de noirceur. Les plus regardant ne trouveront peut être pas leur dose de tènèbres suffisantes pour se passer les artères à la scie sauteuse. Mais bon, tout le monde ne peut pas faire du funeral...

Author: Oceancloud

“Broken Leaf” is the title of the debut album by the Belgian outfit, My Lament. By the first listening of the album I got the feeling that this must be a long lost album made by My Dying Bride between the “Turn Loose The Swans” and “The Angel And The Dark River” era. That was of course my first thought, after taking a closer listening to the album things became clearer in my mind.
As you may already understood this album is a classic Doom / Death album without any compromises and stuff. Down tempo, mourning, melodic, full of despair and a really good atmosphere.
Now the big question… through so many similar releases out there why you should pick that one? Well to be honest I don’t know … I can’t convince you since My Lament also haven’t convinced me… this is a very good album but I feel that there’s something missing…a Violin maybe?

Author: Lampros Tennes

Dit Belgische doom metal gezelschap timmert al enkele jaren aan de weg, zonder erg veel succes (buiten de stadsgrenzen en vrienden-/familiekringen dan). Veel zal met dit album moeten veranderen, als de algemene kritieken die her en der op internet verspreid zijn geloofd moet worden. Of dat ook staat te gebeuren is altijd maar de vraag...

Dat er een flinke slag geslagen is op kwalitatief gebied is zeker een feit. In vergelijking met het oudere werk van deze heren (hier op cd nog met dame in de gelederen) is het songmateriaal op een verbazingwekkende manier vooruit gegaan. Het geheel ligt lekker in het gehoor en waar in het verleden nog haperende overgangen en geforceerde passages hoogtij vierden zijn deze op Broken Leaf vrijwel geheel verdwenen. Deze cd had samengevat kunnen worden als solide doom/death in de stijl van Saturnus, Swallow The Sun, Paradise Lost (Gothic), The Prophecy en het (wat) oudere werk van Novembers Doom. Echter mist het in zulke mate aan originaliteit en staat het werkelijk bol van de clichématige teksten en muzikale passages dat het geheel bijna knullig overkomt. Te veel kijken naar de groten uit het genre en te weinig het eigen gevoel volgen, dat lijkt het probleem bij My Lament. Gelukkig weet de loepzuivere productie en de lekkere mix van het album het eindresultaat toch nog boven de middenmoot te tillen.

Samenvattend kan dus gezegd worden dat de band zeker de complimenten verdiend voor de muzikale vooruitgang, de songwriting-skills zitten wel degelijk in de lift. Maar wil de band een potje kunnen breken in de internationale doom-scene dan moet er zeker nog worden geïnvesteerd in originaliteit want Broken Leaf steekt nu wel erg schril af bij een album als New Moon, het meest recente werk van Swallow The Sun.

Author: Felix
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